Attention Training Providers: Please see this Important Notice from the DUA Training Opportunities Program. 

Do you need new skills to get a job?  If so, the DUA Training Opportunities Program can help.  If you are approved for training under this program, you can:

1. Continue to collect UI benefits while participating in a job skills training program. DUA will waive your work search requirement while you are enrolled in full-time, agency-approved training.

2. Receive up to 26 weeks of extended UI benefits. These benefits, known as Retraining Extended Duration (RED) benefits, are paid while you are enrolled in a full-time, agency-approved training program.

Eligibility Requirements

You may be eligible for approved training if you:

  • Have an eligible claim for UI benefits;
  • Are permanently separated from your previous employer;
  • Are unlikely to obtain suitable employment based on your current skill level and need training to become re-employed; and
  • You possess sufficient aptitude and skills to successfully complete and benefit from approved training. Individuals who do not speak English or require remedial education may first participate in English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL), Adult Basic Education (A.B.E.), or other Basic Skills courses.
  • Submit a complete Training Opportunities Program (Section 30) application within the first 20 weeks that you receive your UI benefits.

Remember to select the training program that is best for you and one that will help you find employment in your new occupation.

DUA does not pay for training. If you need financial assistance to pay for your training, a One-Stop Career Center job specialist can help locate financial resources, including federal or state grants and loans.