Every fiscal year, the Department of Industrial Accidents (DIA) through the Office of Safety, awards $800,000 in safety training grants to various organizations. In each fiscal year, thousands of persons receive workplace training through programs funded by the DIA grant. This highly successful program provides monies for workplace safety training aimed at workers throughout the Commonwealth. 

The prevention of occupational injury and illness is in everyone's best interest. This grant, entitled "Occupational Safety Health Education and Training Program", is issued under the the provisions of Massachusetts General Law c. 23E, § 3, and is administered by the DIA's Office of Safety. The goal of the program is to promote safe and healthy conditions in the workplace through training, education, and other preventative programs for employees and/or employers of industries operating within the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and whose entire staff are covered by the Massachusetts General Law c. 152, sole proprietorship, DBA or self-insured.

The Department of Industrial Accidents, through the Office of Safety, is the only state agency in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts whose primary function is to provide financial assistance for the prevention of occupational injury, illness and death in the workplace.

Under the provisions of Massachusetts General Law c. 23E, § 3, the DIA Office of Safety Grant Program is charged with funding programs for the education and training of employees and employers in the recognition, avoidance and prevention of unsafe or unhealthy conditions in the workplace. To fulfill this mandate, the Office of Safety will award funds to qualified applicants.

How to Apply for a Safety Grant

The Application Process:

  • In October - December, the DIA Office of Safety sends a letter to those on our mailing list, announcing the availability of the Grant Application. The application is also available online.
  • The proposals that are received are reviewed by the Application Evaluation Committee within 30-60 days, and are graded for program administration, scope, design, budget and other factors (see the current Grant Application for complete details).
  • Upon completion of the process, in April or May, the organizations whose grants are selected for funding will be notified.
  • The programs can begin and budgets developed once final contract documentation has been processed, upon the signing of the state budget and upon receiving your contract.

For More Information:

Any questions concerning the FY17 grant application process can be directed to the Office of Safety automatic response system by e-mailing safety@dia.state.ma.us.

To learn more about the Commonwealth Procurement Access and Solicitation system, please visit Comm-PASS

Women and Minority Owned Businesses:

If you are a woman or minority owned business and are interested in contracting with the Commonwealth, please visit the Supplier Diversity Office (SDO) .