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  • Caregiver Helps an Older Woman with Groceries

    “My Timesheet”- MassHealth Electronic Visit Verification System

    Please send questions or comments to

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  • Picture of the Zakim Bridge with large text that says: The Bridge and small text below it that says PCAs: a bridge to community living and text below it that says Newsletter of the PCA Council, Volume 10, spring 2016

    The Bridge Newsletter, Volume 11, Spring 2017

    The Latest Issue of the Newsletter Informs Consumers of News Items and Articles Regarding the PCA Program.

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  • Woman suffering symptoms of the common cold

    Important Notice for Consumers About Paid Sick Leave

    MassHealth implementation plan for tracking earned sick time for PCAs.

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  • The image is of phones that can be used to access the emergency 911 system including cell phones and land lines.

    Silent 911 Call Procedure

    Do You Know About the Silent 911 Call Procedure?

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Consumers and PCAs can now connect faster and easier by using the new online PCA Job Board

PCA Job Board (English and Spanish)  pdf format of PCA Job Board (English and Spanish)
doc format of                             PCA Job Board


New Orientation Video on Consumer Choices

The Council has produced a video in which two consumers talk about the options available to consumer/employers for the PCA New Hire Orientation program.  Deirdre explains why she chose the consumer taught option and Paul discusses why he had his PCA attend a group session.

PCA wage increases to reach $15/hour by 2018

The PCA Workforce Council and 1199SEIU, representing PCAs working in the MassHealth program, have reached agreement on a new three year labor contract.

Effective July 1, 2016, the PCA wage rate will be $14.12 per hour.

Effective July 1, 2017, the PCA wage rate will be $14.56 per hour.

Effective July 1, 2018, the PCA wage rate will be $15.00 per hour.


The complete Collective Bargaining Agreement will be posted on our website.