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The Council's Mass PCA directory provides access free of charge to all people with disabilities who qualify for the MassHealth PCA program.

PCA Quality Workforce Council

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The directory is a searchable database where consumers can search for a PCA by reviewing the responses that PCAs have given to a series of employment questions. Consumers can search the Web site by zip code for qualified PCAs in their area and screen for criteria including:

  • time of day that the worker is available to work;
  • whether the PCA has access to a car and/or has a valid driver's license; and
  • the kind of work experience and/or special skills and training that the PCA has acquired.

By selecting several search criteria that match their needs, consumers can identify the best candidates to interview.

How to request   Hire a PCA

Consumers can access the directory from any computer by visiting  www.masspcadirectory.org

To begin, click on "Establish an Account" and enter your MassHealth number (the process is secure and for verification purposes only). After you have established your account, you can search the database for PCA applicants. You can return to the directory as many times as you wish and can update your information at any time. Please visit the website for more details.

The Web site is completely accessible for people who use any type of assistive technology. Consumers needing help should contact their PCM agency and ask for assistance with their information. Consumers can also get answers to their questions by dialing 1-866-212-9675.   

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MassHealth Members in touch with Available PCAs

This directory will put MassHealth members needing PCAs in direct contact with PCAs looking for work. Consumers can access the online directory at www.masspcadirectory.org

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Mass. Rehab Commission PCA Job Candidates

Does the Directory screen PCAs for employment?

NO, the Directory does not screen online applicants or conduct background checks. It is the responsibility of the consumer/employer to conduct CORI, SORI checks, as well as check the references of all potential employees. The Council strongly encourages all PCA consumers to use this valuable resource. The CORI program is FREE for elders 60+ and people with disabilities. You may download a form, called "On Behalf of Home Health Aide" online at:

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PCA Quality Home Care Workforce Council
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