The Attorney General’s Fair Labor Division works to achieve a level playing field for the Commonwealth’s workers and employers. The Division enforces the Massachusetts Wage and Hour Laws, including the prevailing wage, minimum wage, payment of wages, overtime, tip pooling, child labor, Sunday and holiday premium pay. 

The Division has broad powers to investigate and enforce violations of these laws through criminal and civil enforcement actions. The Division uses this authority to protect employees from exploitation by an employer, prosecute employers who are failing to follow the Commonwealth’s wage and hour laws, and set a level playing field with clear rules that the Commonwealth’s employers can follow, ensuring that strong economic growth and fairness for workers go hand-in-hand.

The Fair Labor Division also enforces the public construction bid laws, which serve to ensure that the process for awarding public construction contracts is honest and transparent and that contracts go to the lowest, responsible and eligible bidder, thus protecting both fair competition and taxpayer dollars.

Over the past few years, the Division has won three significant victories before the Supreme Judicial Court: EDS v. AGO, Brasi v. AGO and Camara v. AGO, and has obtained over $20 million in restitution for workers and penalties for the Commonwealth through its enforcement of wage and hour laws.