There are dozens of environmentally preferable purchasing choices on statewide contract. The EPP Program updates the Environmentally Preferable Products and Services Guide docx format of EPP Product Guide 2015
file size 2MB to assist buyers in finding products and services in addition to locating vendors. View the EPPs on Statewide Contract page for additional information.

Executive Order 515

On October 27, 2009, Executive Order 515 was signed.  Executive Order 515 establishes an Environmental Purchasing Policy for all Commonwealth Executive Departments to help conserve natural resources, reduce waste, protect public health and the environment, and promote the use of clean technologies, recycled materials, and less toxic products. This new policy requires all Commonwealth Executive Departments……


EPP Program Goals

The primary goal of the EPP Procurement Program is to use the Commonwealth's purchasing power to reduce the environmental and public health impact of state government and foster markets for EPPs.  Since its inception in 1995, the EPP Program has worked to increase the purchase of EPPs from about $5 million to an estimated $400 million...


What are EPPs ?

EPPs include products and services that: contain recycled materials; conserve energy or water; minimize waste; are less toxic and hazardous; reduce the generation, release, or disposal of toxic substances; protect open space; and/or otherwise lessen the impact of such products or services on public health and the environment….