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Toxic Reduction Task Force

A Toxic Reduction Task Force was created per Executive Order 515 to provide guidance and assist agencies in identifying and eliminating purchases of products containing toxic chemicals.

Who is the Commonwealth’s Toxics Reduction Task Force?

To facilitate implementation of Executive Order 515, establishing an Environmental Purchasing Policy for all Commonwealth Executive Departments, an interagency Toxics Reduction Task Force was established with oversight and leadership by Operational Services Division and the Office of Technical Assistance and Technology, and consisting of staff from:

  • Department of Environmental Protection (DEP)

  • Department of Public Health (DPH)

  • Division of Labor Standards (DLS)

  • Toxics Use Reduction Institute (TURI)


An Advisory Board to the Task Force is also comprised of individuals from the Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs, the Department of Energy Resources and the Department of Environmental Protection to oversee the establishment of the group’s annual goals and to work with the Task Force when needed to provide assistance in implementing the directives of the Executive Order.

Goals and Objectives

EO 515 requires all Commonwealth Executive Departments to reduce their impact on the environment and enhance public health by procuring Environmentally Preferable Products and services whenever such products and services are readily available, perform satisfactorily, and represent the best value to the Commonwealth. The Executive Order represents a transition from simply identifying and qualifying environmentally preferable products that state agencies should buy, to requiring their purchase by state agencies when appropriate. The goals and objectives of the Task Force are to:

  1. Communicate the change in product requirements to affected and relevant state agency staff
  2. Select priority focus areas
  3. Determine (within those priority areas) whether agencies are purchasing EPPs
  4. Ensure that available EPPs could successfully substitute for conventional items without diminution in effectiveness or value
  5. Provide assistance to state agencies in understanding the value of purchasing and using EPPs where acceptability of such products is not immediate, and
  6. Allow for flexibility in special cases where EPPs may not meet agency needs

Priority Focus Products and Areas

The Task Force has identified cleaning supplies and janitorial services as their priority focus areas. The EPP program hosts a green cleaning webpage to assist agencies in transitioning to environmentally preferable cleaning products, programs, equipment, and supplies.

Toxics Reduction Task Force Progress Reports

The Toxics Reduction Task Force Annual Progress Reports provide updates on the progress made by the interagency Task Force to implement the directives of Executive Order 515.

Alternative Approval

Toxics Reduction Task Force Alternative Approval, April, 2016: The Commonwealth of Massachusetts Toxics Reduction Task Force and the FAC85: Environmentally Preferable Products, Programs, Equipment and Supplies Strategic Sourcing Team (SST) has approved the following standards for use in the FAC85: Environmentally Preferable Products, Programs, Equipment and Supplies contract.

Toxics Reduction Task Force Alternative Approval Form: This form is to be completed and submitted by vendors for an alternative product/service/technology review.

Annual Reports

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