Hale Courtroom at the John Adams Courthouse
Hale Courtroom, John Adams Courthouse

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    Alert: False "Court Case" Email Scam
    The Massachusetts Appeals Court has received reports of an email scam, in which emails purporting to come from a court clerk or a law firm with business at the Appeals Court are being sent to persons across the country. The email states it is a notice informing the recipient they are required to appear in the Massachusetts Appeals Court for a hearing in a case involving the recipient. The email then instructs the recipient to click on a hyperlink to view the court notice or to learn further information about the case.

    The emails are false and are not from the Appeals Court nor reference an actual case in the Court. Please ignore the email and delete it. Do not reply to the sender or click on any links the email may contain or you could encounter a virus. The Appeals Court does not summon people to appear at the Court. Unless a person is actively involved in a case in the Appeals Court and has registered to receive court notifications electronically, the Court generally will not send electronic notices.  
  • Public Wi-Fi Now Available in John Adams Courthouse
  • Gregory I. Massing Sworn In as Appeals Court Associate Justice
  • Hon. Amy L. Blake Sworn In as Appeals Court Associate Justice