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NOTE:  When using one of the PDF fillable forms listed below, you must "flatten" the PDF document after completing the form fields.  This prevents anyone from manipulating or editing the information and ensures the document can be viewed on all devices.  The original document filed and stored with the court cannot be altered once it has been filed; however, flattening the form will prevent anyone who obtains a copy of the document from easily changing the information in the fillable form fields.   

Please follow these steps to "flatten" a completed PDF fillable form before you file it.  The key is to utilize your computer's "print to PDF" capability:

  1. Open the fillable form.
  2. Add the appropriate data.
  3. From within the document, click on the Print button (or in the "File" menu, select "Print").
  4. In the "Print" dialog that pops up, use the printer selection drop-down to choose an option that produces a new PDF file rather than a physical print-out of the document.  Examples of such "print to PDF" options include "Adobe PDF," "Microsoft Print to PDF" (Windows devices) and "Save As PDF" (Apple Mac OS devices).  Numerous other free PDF printer drivers are available for download from the Internet.
  5. Once you've chosen your "print to PDF" option, click "Print" or "OK."
  6. You will be asked to specify a file name and a location for the new, "flattened" PDF.  Do so and save the file.
  7. File this flattened version of your PDF with the court.

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Appeals Court forms




Clerk's Office (617) 921-4443

NOTE: The Clerk's Office does not respond to email inquiries. If you have questions concerning appellate procedure or a case, please call the telephone number above.

Judges' Lobby (617) 725-8085
Human Resources Department (617) 994-4155
Oral Argument Postponement or Cancellation Updates Line (617) 725-8114


John Adams Courthouse
One Pemberton Square, Room 1200
Boston, MA 02108

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