Waste Sites and Reportable Releases Lookup

Search online by for sites by release tracking number, site name, address, status, and/or chemical type. Results include lists of site actions, maps, and links to both electronically submitted and scanned documents.

Downloadable Site Lists

Includes the same information that is available to search on-line , as well as some additional site data, in a collection of five linked files in dbf format. For anyone wishing to examine site data using database or spreadsheet software.

File Viewer - Waste Site Reportable Releases

The File Viewer provides rapidly updated access to files submitted electronically through eDEP and allows complex searches for those files. Please note that only reports and forms that have been submitted electronically are available using the Viewer.

Site-Specific Information

Links to information about sites or cleanup projects for which web pages have been developed.

Site Activity & Use Limitations (AULs)

Under MassDEP's Waste Site Cleanup Program, the cleanup of oil and hazardous material disposal sites may consider the current and likely future use of the property. If a cleanup is based on anything less than "unrestricted use", then the closure must include an enforceable Activity and Use Limitation ("AUL") that specifies the allowable and prohibited use of the property.

Audits Program

The Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (MassDEP) is required to audit response actions at a statistically significant number of disposal sites.

Public Involvement

Varying levels of public notice and involvement are possible under the Massachusetts Contingency Plan, depending upon the regulatory status of the site, and the level of interest within the community.  This page provides links to information about Public Involvement in Waste Site Cleanup.

Help for Homeowners & Businesses

This series of explanations, guidelines, recommendations, and tips are provided to help you through the process of preventing and cleaning up spills on your property.

Licensed Site Professionals (LSPs)

Those private parties who are financially responsible under Massachusetts law for assessing and cleaning up confirmed and suspected hazardous waste sites must retain a licensed Hazardous Waste Site Cleanup Professional to oversee the assessment and cleanup work.