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  • photo of reporters asking the Governor questions abou the climate announcement

    Climate Change Initiative Investment

    Climate change initiative includes a $40 million municipal resilience grant program to be administered by DOER.

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  • ACEEE #1 Map

    State Energy Efficiency Scorecard

    For the third straight year, Massachusetts has been named number one by the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy.

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  • chart detailing clean energy economy growth

    Clean Energy Economy Growth

    Double-digit annual growth in Massachusetts' clean energy economy is expected to continue though 2014.

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  • Governor's announcement of 250 MW goal met early, new goal set

    Solar Goal Met Four Years Early

    Four years ahead of schedule, the Commonwealth hit its goal to install 250 megawatts of solar energy.

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  • kids using a thermal imaging camara to see a thermal picture of a model house

    DOER K-12 Energy Education Initiative

    K-12 teachers can integrate science, technology, engineering, math lessons through clean energy topics.

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Energy Grants to Help Municipalities Prepare for Climate Change

DOER is dedicating $40 million to protect communities pdf format of    Energy Resiliency Fact Sheet  from interruptions in energy services due to severe climate events.

$1.5 Million for Municipal Light Plant Energy Efficiency Programs

Municipal light plants, serving 41 communities, get $1.5M in funding for energy efficiency programs to expand cost saving & environmental benefits.