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    Algae Blooms

    Algae blooms that form in freshwater and can produce toxins harmful to people and animals are called harmful algae blooms.

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  • slide image of a fruit market

    Food Safety

    The Massachusetts Food Protection Program strives to ensure a safe and wholesome food supply in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

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  • Slide image of a classroom (some of the IAQ reports are for schools)

    Indoor Air Quality

    The IAQ Program provides technical assistance regarding indoor air quality, water damage, mold remediation and other related indoor air quality issues in buildings.

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  • Slide image of the outside of a jail

    Correctional Facility Inspection Reports

    Correctional facility inspection reports can be found here.

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  • slide image of 5 babies

    Lead and Your Child's Health

    Most of the lead poisoning in Massachusetts comes from lead paint dust in older homes. Many homes built before 1978 have lead paint on the inside and outside of the building.

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