The E-FA-10 replaces Form FA-10, the three-part form previously used to file a weapon transaction record and is the current "form" furnished by the Commissioner of the DCJIS in accordance with G.L. c. 140, §§ 128A and 128B.

E-FA-10 Deletion Form pdf format of Massachusetts Gun Transaction Portal Deletion Form

Use this form to correct inaccurate information included on a submitted E-FA-10 transaction record.

Change of Address Notification pdf format of Change of Address Notification

Use this form to notify the Firearms Record Bureau that your address has changed.

Firearms Identification (FID) Card or License to Carry Firearms (LTC) Application  pdf format of Firearms Identification (FID) Card or License to Carry

Massachusetts Residents should use this form to apply for or renew a LTC or FID card at their local police department.

Non-Resident LTC Application  pdf format of Non-Resident LTC Application

Out-of-state residents should use this form to apply for or renew a Non-resident Temporary LTC   

Resident Alien Permit Application  pdf format of Resident Alien Permit Application

Non-citizen residents of Massachusetts should use this form to apply for a Resident Alien Permit to Possess a Rifle or Shotgun

Firearms Licensing Review Board Petition pdf format of FLRB 20130912

Individuals otherwise disqualified from processing a FID or LTC because of certain misdemeanor conviction(s) may petition the FLRB for review.

Request for Personal Search pdf format of Request for Personal Search

Use this form to request a copy of your firearms license history or a list of gun transactions where you are listed as a transferee.


Pursuant to c. 140, § 131P, an applicant for a LTC or FID who was not licensed on June 1, 1998 must submit to the licensing authority a basic firearms safety certificate. This list provides contact information for basic firearms safety instructors who are certified by the Massachusetts State Police to teach a basic firearms safety course and who have requested to be included in a public directory.