Data about firearms licensing and transactions

The Firearms Records Bureau publishes data on firearms licensing by licensing authority and firearms transactions by gun dealers.

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The Firearms Records Bureau is the Commonwealth's repository for all firearms license and transaction data. The datasets on this page cover firearm license applications, firearm transfers, and firearm transactions. 

License applications & active licenses

Download: Aggregate Firearms License Applications by Type and Status from 2006-2023 (Updated annually. Last updated: March 2024)

Count of applications started, issued, denied, suspended, and revoked by licensing authority.

Download: Active Firearms Licenses on July 1, 2024 (Updated quarterly. Last updated: July, 2024)

Count of licenses currently active by city/town. Also includes license type.

Download: Firearms License Applications from 2006-2023 (Updated annually. Last updated: March 2024)

Individual, de-identified records of all firearms applications between 2006 and 2023. Includes issue and expiration dates, license types, municipality of applicant and licensing authority, applicant gender, and current license status. 

Firearms Dealer transactions

Download: Bar chart of Massachusetts gun dealer transactions from 2006-2023 (Updated annually. Last updated: March 2024)

Chart of firearms transactions by licensed Massachusetts firearms dealers.

Download: Firearms Dealer Transactions 2004-2023 (Updated annually. Last updated: March 2024)

Individual, de-identified records of firearms transactions by firearms dealers. Includes dates; shop name and location; and make, model, and other information about the firearm sold.

Personal transfers, registrations & firearms reported lost/stolen

Download: Personal Transfers and Registrations - 01.01.04-12.31.23 (Updated annually. Last updated: March 2024)

Total number of personal transfers, registrations, or firearms reported lost/stolen through the Gun Transaction Portal. 

About the data

Where the data comes from

The data on this page comes from Massachusetts's electronic license check system. This system is updated by police departments, which process license applications and update license statuses, and by firearms dealers, who enter records of their transactions.


Applications started: The number of applications for licenses that a police department has entered into the electronic firearms licensing system.

Application type: Whether the application is for a new license or a renewal.

Licensing agency: The department that processed the license application. Most licenses are issued by municipal police departments. The State Police issues Gun Club Licenses and is also responsible for Licenses to Carry for active and retired troopers. The Firearms Records Bureau issues non-resident licenses and resident alien permits.

License status: Can be one of issued, denied, suspended, or revoked. Reflects the decision of a police department to approve or deny a license application, or to suspend or revoke a license. 

License type: Can be one of (as defined in MGL c. 140, §§ 121-131) :

  • Firearms Identification Card
  • Resident License to Carry Firearms
  • Resident License to Possess a Machine Gun
  • License to Perform Services as a Gunsmith
  • License to Sell Ammunition
  • License to Sell/Rent/Lease Firearms, Rifles, Shotguns or Machine Guns
  • Firearms Identification Card Restricted Chemical Propellant Only
  • Non Resident Class A Large Capacity Temp. License to Carry Firearms
  • Non-Resident Class A Large Capacity Firearms Employment/Military Temp. LTC
  • Resident Alien Permit to Possess Non-Large Capacity Rifle/Shotgun
  • Gun Club License

Personal transfers: Transfers of firearms between two Massachusetts-licensed individuals.

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