Welcome to the State Ethics Commission website!

The State Ethics Commission’s website has been designed to provide a look consistent with that of the other websites in the Mass.Gov portal.  On the website, you will find information about the Commission, the conflict of interest and financial disclosure laws, educational materials that clarify the laws, as well as publicly available advisories, legal opinions and enforcement matters. You can download a conflict of interest law disclosure form, learn more about the conflict of interest law education and training requirements, access the summaries of the law which are distributed to public employees each year (also available in Spanish and Portuguese) and view the lists of public employees who have filed conflict of interest law disclosures with the Commission.  Links to the conflict of interest law online training programs and the financial disclosure law electronic filing application are easily accessible from the website, and the Commission’s regulations, including the regulatory exemptions to the gift restrictions and certain other sections of the conflict of interest law, are also available.

Thank you for visiting the State Ethics Commission’s website.  If you have any comments or suggestions about the website, you can submit them online to eth-feedback@massmail.state.ma.us.


Filing an SFI

The Commission’s new electronic filing system for Statements of Financial Interests (SFIs) is open for use by filers for calendar year (CY) 2015.  The new system  automatically sends an email with a User ID, a temporary password and a link to the filing application to filers (appointed public employees and elected public officials who have an email address in the system).   Candidates need to self-register in order to obtain their electronic filing credentials. 

On the website, under SFI Resources, filers can access a Quick User Guide for the new application, or a more detailed User Guide, which is also available from the system’s filer Dashboard once a filer logs in to the new filing system.  Filers who wish to file an SFI manually can also obtain a pdf version of the SFI form.

Assistance is available to SFI filers by contacting the Commission at 617-371-9500.

Public Access Module

The new application also has a feature to allow the public to view SFIs using the public access module.  This module is still in development and should be available within the next several weeks.  Until that time, to request an SFI, please contact the Commission at 617-371-9500.