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  • Governor Baker and Secretary Beaton inspecting strawberry crops.

    Governor Baker Elevates State’s Response to Widespread Drought

    In response to the fifth consecutive month of abnormally dry conditions across the Commonwealth, Governor Charlie Baker outlined continued actions to be taken by state agencies to assist Massachusetts’ residents, farmers, and municipalities.

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  • Governor Baker announcing grant for UMass data center.

    UMass Amherst Awarded $5 Million to Support New Data Science Collaborative

    The Baker-Polito Administration announced a $5 million grant to the University of Massachusetts at Amherst to establish the UMass Amherst Data Science/Cybersecurity Research and Education Collaborative. (Photo: Thom Kendall for UMass Amherst)

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  • Governor Baker announcing affordable housing development grants

    Baker-Polito Administration Announces Affordable Housing Development Awards

    The Baker-Polito Administration announced $90 million in awards to fund the development, renovation and preservation of affordable rental housing across the Commonwealth.

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  • Governor Baker surround by stakeholders before signing Economic Development legislation.

    Governor Baker Signs Economic Development Legislation

    Governor Baker signs comprehensive economic development legislation, providing up to $1 billion in new investments in communities, workforce training, and innovation across Massachusetts.

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  • Lt. Governor Polito speaking at Municipal Modernization Law signing

    Gov. Baker, Lt. Gov. Polito Celebrate Reforms Enhancing State-Local Partnerships

    Governor Baker has signed legislation improving the partnership between state and local governments by eliminating or updating obsolete laws, promoting local independence, streamlining state oversight and providing municipalities with greater flexibility.

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  • Governor Baker speaking on Statehouse lawn at energy bill signing.

    Governor Baker Signs Comprehensive Energy Diversity Legislation

    In a continued effort to stabilize electric rates, ensure a diversified energy portfolio, and embrace advanced technologies, Gov. Baker signed comprehensive energy diversity legislation into law.

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  • Governor Baker after signing pay equity legislation

    Governor Baker Signs Bipartisan Pay Equity Legislation

    Gov. Baker signs a pay equity bill, passed unanimously by both legislative branches, to ensure equal pay for comparable work for all workers and equal opportunities to earn competitive salaries in the workplace.

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  • Governor Baker at Taunton State Hospital

    Baker-Polito Administration Expands Addiction Program for Women at Taunton State Hospital

    Gov. Baker and Lt. Governor Polito, together with state and local officials, officially opened the second phase of the Women’s Recovery from Addictions Program at Taunton State Hospital adding 30 new beds.

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