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  • min wage

    Minimum Wage

    Tens of thousands of minimum wages workers will get a raise.

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  • lab-electric-reporting

    The Occupational Lead Poisoning Registry

    The Registry will be shifting to an electronic system for labs to report adult elevated blood lead results. Click, for more information.

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  • Slide 2

    Are you working for a staffing agency?

    Find out more information about the Temporary Workers Right to Know Law.

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  • Thermostat

    Minimum Workplace Heating Guidelines

    Adequate heat must be provided from October 15 through May 15.

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  • Workplace safety

    Safety & Health Regulations effective March 24, 2015

    New law extends workplace safety and health standards for MA Executive Branch employees.  

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The mission of the Massachusetts Department of Labor Standards is to promote and protect workers' safety and health, wages and working conditions, and to support employers and workers in the utilization of apprenticeship as a workforce development tool. In collaboration with public and private entities, DLS protects workers by means of education and training, workplace safety and health consultation and assessment, occupational injury and illness data collection and analysis, and consistent and responsible administration and enforcement of its statutes and regulations. DLS carries out its objectives in a manner that supports employers and strengthens the Commonwealth's communities and economy.