• Massachusetts Division of Insurance

    The primary mission of the Division of Insurance is to monitor the solvency of its licensees in order to promote a healthy, responsive and willing marketplace for consumers who purchase insurance products.

    The Massachusetts Division of Insurance is part of the U.S. insurance regulatory framework which is a highly coordinated state-based national system designed to protect policyholders and to serve the greater public interest through the effective regulation of the U.S. insurance marketplace.  Through the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC), U.S. insurance regulators, establish national standards and best practices, conduct peer reviews and coordinate their regulatory oversight to better protect the interests of consumers while ensuring a strong, viable insurance marketplace.  U.S. insurance regulators also participate in the International Association of Insurance Supervisors (IAIS) along with the NAIC by participating in all its major standard setting initiatives, including working with fellow regulators from around the world to better supervise cross-border insurers, identifying systemic risk in the insurance sector, and creating international best practices.

  • The Division of Insurance is Coming to You! pdf format of The Division of Insurance is Coming to You!

  • Health Insurance Information Sessions

    The Division of Insurance will be hosting a series of information sessions on health insurance related issues that have arisen of the last year. These information sessions will allow for conversations with interested parties and the public so that the Division of Insurance can hear comments and learn about whether future guidance may be helpful about how to address certain issues. More information on these sessions can be found here

  • Risk Bearing Provider Organizations: Risk Certificate Waiver and Risk Certificate Application Information

    The Massachusetts Division of Insurance (the "Division") has promulgated  its newest regulation 211CMR 155 pdf format of Risk-Bearing Provider Organizations
et seq., "Risk-Bearing Provider Organizations" (the "Regulation"). The Division drafted this Regulation in furtherance of its responsibility to implement the requirements of Massachusetts General Law Chapter 176T ("Chapter 176T") concerning Risk-Bearing Provider Organizations (“RBPO”) in a manner that will promote the development of alternate payment contracts containing downside risk while establishing appropriate safeguards for Massachusetts' health care delivery system and the patients it serves.  Chapter 176T mandates that the Division must "certify" provider organizations on an annual basis that take on certain financial risk through alternative payment contracts with insurance carriers.  The purpose of this certification is ensure that provider organizations entering into alternate payment contracts with downside risk do not assume excessive financial risk that could threaten their financial solvency.

    The Division has issued Bulletin 2014-05, entitled "Guidelines on Submitting Filing Materials Relative to the Certification of Risk-Bearing Provider Organizations Under Chapter 176T of the General Laws and 211 CMR 155.00" ("Bulletin").  The Bulletin is intended to provide additional guidance with respect to the requirements of provider organizations when applying for Risk Certificates or Risk Certificate Waivers as required by Chapter 176T and the Regulation, along with the dates when applications for Risk Certificates or Risk Certificate Waivers will be due in 2014 and beyond.  As noted in the Bulletin, an RBPO may apply for an initial Risk Certificate Waiver if the RBPO believes that it does not have significant downside risk in its current or anticipated APCs, but it must do so by no later than September 30, 2014.  An RBPO that has downside risk in its current or anticipated APCs and that is not eligible to receive a waiver, must apply for a Risk Certificate on or before December 15, 2014.

    The Division also held four regional information sessions in order to assist providers which may be in the process of developing waiver and risk certificate applications according to 211 CMR 155.00.  The sessions were held in Springfield, Worcester, Burlington and Boston.  For those who were unable to attend the sessions or for those looking for a copy of the presentation given at those sessions, you may click here pdf format of rbpo-09082014.pdf
 to see the presentation.  Several of the key questions and answers from those sessions can be also found here.

    The Division has now also issued a sub-regulatory guidance document, entitled ”Guidelines for Conducting Independent Reviews of Risk-Bearing Provider Organizations in Conjunction with the Application for Risk Certificates for the Term Beginning March 1, 2015” (“Guidelines”). The Guidelines pdf format of rbpo-guidlines09252014.pdf
identify the process of review that the Division would consider acceptable during the first year of the transition to full implementation of the RBPO certification process in lieu of the submission by RBPOs of formal actuarial certifications pursuant to the requirements set forth in Chapter 176T and the Regulation.  With respect to applications for Risk Certificates that are effective beginning March 1, 2015, the Division will consider it acceptable if a professional that is independent from the RBPO – an actuary or other financial professional – follows the review process described in the Guidelines.

  • Division of Insurance Staff Available Each Wednesday to Assist Tornado Victims

    Staff from the state Division of Insurance will be providing ongoing assistance for Revere residents and business owners each Wednesday from 3PM—7PM in the Community Room of the Revere Police Headquarters, 400 Revere Beach Parkway. Division of Insurance staff will be available every Wednesday through September 10th to answer questions and assist in the process of making insurance claims. If you have any questions or are unable to attend on a Wednesday evening, please call Patrick Lawlor with the Division of Insurance at (617) 521-7492.

  • Division of Insurance Information on Long Term Care Insurance

    Report of the Working Group on Rate Stabilization               
    Interim report on Long Term Care Rate Stabilization               
    Final report on Long Term Care Insurance Rate Stabilization pdf format of ltcare-rate-final.pdf
    Based on input provided by the LTCI Rate Stabilization Advisory Group 

    Draft Long Term Care Insurance Regulation ( 211 CMR 65.00 pdf format of 211-65-draft.pdf
    A public hearing on the draft regulation will be scheduled later this summer.

    The redlined version of the Division's regulation showing new text proposed to be added to the regulation as well as text proposed to be deleted from or moved within the regulation is posted here. pdf format of 211-65-redlined.pdf

  • Commissioner Murphy Talks Health Insurance with the President

  • Massachusetts Insurance Commissioner Murphy Promotes Strong Markets During Congressional Visits

    BOSTON - May 9, 2014 - Joseph G. Murphy, Commissioner of Insurance for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, joined fellow members of the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) in Washington, D.C. this week to confer with members of Congress on a variety of issues including the strength of the state-based system of insurance regulation, implementation of the Affordable Care Act, and reauthorization of the Terrorism Risk Insurance Program.


    Determining the cost of a treatment or procedure can be a mysterious or baffling process for consumers.  Governor Patrick is committed to price transparency and affordable health care for all Massachusetts residents; to meet those goals, Chapter 224 of the Acts of 2012 makes it mandatory that health insurance carriers provide individualized information regarding the estimated or maximum allowed charge for a proposed service as well as the estimated amount a member may be responsible to pay out-of-pocket.  These estimates are to be based on information available to the member's insurance company at the time the consumer requests the estimate.

    A chart found here pdf format of web-transparency-chart.pdf
details the current phone numbers and website addresses for each company's cost estimator program.

  • 2013 Surplus Lines Brokers Filing Forms and Instructions

    The Division of Insurance has updated Surplus Lines filing forms for Calendar year 2013 and adopted new procedures for filing Form BR-7 Affidavit By Insured (effective January 1, 2014)

  • Board of Appeal September 2014 Schedule pdf format of Board of Appeal September 2014 Schedule

    The Board of Appeal has posted its September Hearing Schedule

  • Frequently Asked Questions About At Fault Accident Surcharges for Personal Automobile Insurance Policies pdf format of FAQ's  About At Fault Accident Surcharges

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  • Better Rates for Better Drivers

    Massachusetts is now allowing auto insurers to compete for good drivers, giving consumer more choices than ever before. Competition results in better rates for better drivers across the Commonwealth. You can use our premium comparison website to see examples from each company and the range of premiums you could see if you shop around. When you are ready to actually shop for automobile insurance, use our step by step auto insurance shopping checklist. Print your copy HERE pdf format of Shopping for Auto Insurance Step By Step
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