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Frequently Asked Questions for Producers

How To Request a Duplicate or Replacement License

Adviser - Individual

Adviser - Corporate

Life Settlement Broker - Individual

Life Settlement Broker - Corporate

Motor Vehicle Damage Appraiser

All licensed motor vehicle damage appraisers should notify the Board of any change of address (home or business) within thirty (30) days of a change. Please contact the Division of Insurance in writing or by e-mail. The office address is as follows:

The Division of Insurance
Auto Damage Appraisers Licensing Board
1000 Washington St, Suite 810
Boston, MA 02118-6200


Robert Hunter



Licensing Requirements: Motor Vehicle Damage Appraiser

Portable Electronics Insurance Limited Lines License

Producer - Individual

Producer - Business Entity

Producer Appointments

Public Insurance Adjuster - Individual

Public Insurance Adjuster - Corporate

Reinsurance Intermediary Broker - Individual

Reinsurance Intermediary Broker - Corporate

Reinsurance Intermediary Manager - Individual

Reinsurance Intermediary Manager - Corporate

Self-Service Storage Agent Limited Lines License

Business Entity/Individual License Fees

Business Entity License Fees

Term of License


Consultant / Adviser 1 Year 66.66 / Active Member
Life Settlement Broker 1 Year 75.00 / Active Member,
officer, employee named in application
Producer 1 Year 75.00 / Active Member
Producer Add A Member Fee - 75.00 / Per Member
Public Insurance Adjuster 1 Year 66.66 / Active Member
Reinsurance Intermediary Broker 1 Year 66.66 / Active Member
Reinsurance Intermediary Manager 1 Year 66.66 / Active Member
Surplus Lines Broker 1 Year 150.00 / Active Member

Individual License Fees

Term of License


Consultant / Adviser 3 Year 200.00
Life Settlement Broker 3 Year 225.00
Motor Vehicle Damage Appraiser 1 Year 50.00
Producer 3 Year 225.00
Producer with P/C or PL LOA's 3 Year 300.00
Reinstating Producer 3 Year 450.00 or 525.00 Depending on LOA's
Certification Letter Fee - 20.00
Clearance Letter Fee - 20.00
Duplicate/Replacement License Fee - 25.00
Public Insurance Adjuster 3 Year 200.00
Reinsurance Intermediary Broker 3 Year 200.00
Reinsurance Intermediary Manager 3 Year 200.00
Surplus Lines Broker 1 Year 150.00

Lead Paint Surcharge

Producers who hold a property or casualty line of authority or who hold the personal lines of authority, who newly apply for one of these lines of authority or upon renewal of such lines of authority, are required to pay a lead paint surcharge in addition to the license fee. Effective July 1, 2002, the amended law requires the Division to apply a surcharge of $75.00 for each term period of the Producer license.

The funds generated from this surcharge are used by the Department of Public Health for the production and dissemination of educational materials pertaining to lead paint poisoning prevention and treatment issues and for the training of lead paint inspectors and homeowners

Reinstating Producer Requirements

Pursuant to M.G.L. Chapter 175, § 162M (c): An individual insurance producer who allows his license to lapse may, within 12 months from the due date of the renewal fee, reinstate the same license without the necessity of passing a written examination, but a penalty in the amount of double the unpaid renewal fee shall be required for any renewal fee received after the due date. The fee for a reinstating Producer is either $450.00 or $525.00 based upon the lines of authority; please read information on the lead paint surcharge. In addition, all active appointments held by the Producer, prior to the license lapsing are no longer active.

1033 Consent Application Procedure

Letters of Certification and Clearance Letters

To obtain a Letter of Certification or Letter of Clearance from the Massachusetts Division of Insurance send:

  • check for $20.00, payable to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts
    Please Note: Fees are Non-Refundable
  • A self-addressed, stamped envelope to:

Commonwealth of Massachusetts
Division of Insurance
1000 Washington St, Suite 810
Boston, MA 02118-6200

Be sure to include your name, social security number, and indicate the state you are moving to in your request.

Corporations be sure to include your name and federal ID number.

Massachusetts Licensed Individuals & Business Entities

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