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Everything Consumers Need To Know About Insurance

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Did you know that you can file an insurance complaint online? You can also search for licensed insurance companies and agents in Massachusetts. Please note, the Division of Insurance's Consumer Services Unit can only attempt to resolve your complaint as long as it is within the DOI's jurisdiction. CSU also cannot advise you or make recommendations or suggestions with regard to your selection of an insurance company or agent. 

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Insurance Basics

There are many insurers licensed by the Division of Insurance that sell policies in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. In order to be licensed, an insurer must demonstrate it meets the state's minimum financial requirements to pay claims now and in the future. It must also agree to participate in the state's guaranty fund designed to protect policyholders if any licensed insurance company is financially unable to pay its claims.

Insurance companies generally use one of three methods to market their product:

  • Direct marketing- sell insurance through the mail and by telephone.
  • Exclusive producers-insurance companies sell coverage through producers that only represent their company.
  • Independent producers-insurance companies sell coverage through producers who represent several companies.

The type of marketing method may or may not meet your needs, depending on the type of services offered. Therefore, you should be aware of each of the three methods and may want to consider these when you decide to buy insurance.

When considering a company, you may want to contact your neighbors, relatives, and friends for recommendations regarding their insurance company's service and price. 

Before you start, understanding commonly used terms between consumers and insurers can be very helpful in paving the way for clear and effective communication. Check out this glossary of insurance terms:

Additional Resources

Guides to Insurance Coverages

As you consider any insurance, be aware that an insurance policy is a legal contract describing the promise an insurance company gives you that the company will pay for the costs of certain identified losses that may occur in the policy period in return for your payment of regular premiums.

To truly understand a particular type of coverage, you should take the time to learn what is and what is not covered. The insurance company offering the coverage or your agent should be able to help you with an analysis of the appropriate coverage for your situation, but it is up to you to choose the right policy for your needs. It is important that you read your coverage carefully to determine your exact coverage, as well as your rights and responsibilities under the coverage.

Common Insurance Coverages:

Automobile Insurance

Home Insurance

Health Insurance

Life Insurance

Long Term Care Insurance

Workers Compensation Insurance

Other Types of Insurance 

Safety and Disaster Information

Natural disasters, severe weather events, or emergency situations can occur at any time. Check out these tips for preparing for a disaster before one happens, and figuring out your first steps should you be impacted by a severe weather event or emergency. 

Consumer Safety and Disaster Information


The Board of Appeal

The role of the Board of Appeal is to conduct hearings for consumers appealing: an at-fault for a motor vehicle accident; a decision of the Registrar of Motor Vehicles; an insurance cancellation.

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