Effective March 27, 2017, programs previously under the purview of the Department of Public Safety have been transferred to the Department of Fire Services and the Office of Public Safety and Inspections within the Division of Professional Licensure.  As a result of this legislative change, the respective agencies are in the process of transitioning information over to their new website locations. The information contained below is current and accurate, but subject to change as the transition process is finalized in the coming days.

  • Ninth Edition of the State Building Code (780 CMR) - Public Hearing Rescheduled for March 28th

    Ladies and Gentlemen -

    The second public hearing relating to adoption of the Ninth Edition of the State Building Code has been rescheduled for Tuesday, March 28, 2017 beginning @ 10:00 a.m.  

    The hearing will take place at the Department of Fire Services located @ 100 Grochmal Avenue, Springfield.  

    There will be a regular meeting of the Board of Building Regulations and Standards (BBRS) following the hearing.


    Robert Anderson
    Office of Public Safety and Inspections
    Chief of Inspections - Building
    One Ashburton Place - Room 1301
    Boston, MA   02108
    Office (617) 826-5268


  • NOTICE OF AMENDED REGULATION – 520 CMR 6.00: Hoisting Machinery

    Changes to 520 CMR 6.00: Hoisting Machinery were initiated under Governor Baker’s Executive Order 562 to improve and update regulations and reduce unnecessary or costly burdens. The comments made by the general public at the 562 Executive Order Listening Session on October 26, 2015, resulted in significant changes to the proposed amendments to these regulations. A draft of 520 CMR 6.00 with the proposed changes was assessed at a public hearing on September 12, 2016. The amended regulations adapted from those hearings, public comments, and stakeholder feedback go into effect on November 18, 2016. In addition to the changes reflecting the comments from the Executive Order 562 and Chapter 30A process, the amended regulations implement recent changes to the General Laws regarding the frequency of applications and exempt companies with in-service training programs. Read more...

  • Amendments to 780 CMR (Building Code) Energy Provisions Effective August 12, 2016

    On June 14, 2016, the Board of Building Regulations and Standards (“Board”) held a public hearing on proposed amendments to the current, Eighth Edition of 780 CMR (the building code) concerning energy standards. Specifically, the Board solicited feedback and took testimony on amendments to 780 CMR 13 (commercial energy efficiency standards), section 11 of 780 CMR 51 (residential energy standards), and 780 CMR 115 Appendix AA (Stretch Energy Code). The Board and Office of Public Safety and Inspections (“Office”) also took feedback from the public and stakeholders in writing until June 28, 2016.


    Following the public comment period, the Board reviewed that feedback at its regular meeting on July 19, 2016. On that date, the Board voted recommended changes to the three energy chapters and approved the amendments for publication.


    The approved amendments were filed with the Office of the Secretary of the Commonwealth, Regulations Division, on July 28, 2016. The effective date of the new energy provisions in 780 CMR is therefore August 12, 2016. Read more...

  • OPSI Incident Hotline

    Please be advised that the Office of Public Safety and Inspections (OPSI) has instituted a new protocol for the reporting of incidents that require the immediate attention of the OPSI. If there is an Emergency involving a OPSI regulated activity please contact the Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency at (508) 820-1444 to report OPSI related incident.
    This number should be used for all OPSI related events, including but not limited to the following: Incident involving:
    1. Building collapse/failure
    2. Elevators/escalators
    3. Boiler or air tank failure/explosion
    4. Amusement or tramway incidents
    5. Horse carriage incidents
    6. Incidents involving hoisting and
    excavating equipment.
    For all Non-Emergency calls please dial 617-727-3200
  • OPSI License Lookup

    DPS LIcense Lookup
    All licenses issued, renewed or otherwise updated by the Office of Public Safety and Inspections, are posted to the OPSI Website after processing.
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