• What the State Buys on Statewide Contract

    The Commonwealth of Massachusetts buys goods and services in many categories. Access our Statewide Contract Index via the link below.

    Statewide Contract Index xlsb format of Statewide Contract Index
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    Tradespersons Contract Index xlsx format of Tradespersons Contract Index
- Easily access Trades contractor information, including pricing, prompt pay discounts, regional coverage specifications, and awarded trades categories by vendor.

  • Statewide Contract User Guides

    Contract User Guides make it easier for all customers to read and understand the key aspects of each contract, in order to make informed decisions and more easily place orders.

  • OSD Procurement Schedule

    A summary schedule of procurements, contract renewals and expirations by current contract end date, in order to provide users of the contracts, vendors and interested bidders better visibility into our plans for these upcoming contract transitions. 

  • Environmentally Preferable Products (EPP) Procurement Program

    EPPs are competitively priced, high performance products and services that can be obtained from over five dozen statewide contracts. They can render significant savings while reducing the state's impact on the environment and public health.
  • Open Bids

    Browse open bid opportunities.

  • SaveSmart Program

    The OSD $ave$mart Program is a partnership between OSD and Statewide Contact Vendors. The purpose of the program is to create additional cost savings and opportunities for all eligible entities utilizing Statewide Contracts.