1. Instructions: WPA Form 1 - Request for Determination of Applicability  doc format of WPA Form 1 Instructions
pdf format of                             WPA Form 1 RDA

  2. WPA Form 1: Request for Determination of Applicability  doc format of WPA Form 1 RDA
pdf format of                             WPA Form 1 RDA

Purpose of the Request for Determination of Applicability

The Request for Determination of Applicability is a process which provides applicants with the option of seeking a determination on the applicability of the Wetlands Protection Act (the Act) to a proposed site or activity. Before filing this form to confirm the boundary delineation of a resource area, the applicant should discuss other delineation review options with the Conservation Commission. The Commission may require the submission of WPA Form 4A (Abbreviated Notice of Resource Area Delineation), WPA Form 3 (Notice of Intent), or WPA Form 4 (Abbreviated Notice of Intent).

The applicant is responsible for providing the information required for the review of this application to the issuing authority (Conservation Commission or the Department of Environmental Protection). The submittal of a complete and accurate description of the site and project will minimize requests for additional information by the issuing authority which may result in an unnecessary delay in the issuance of a Determination of Applicability.

The issuing authority also may require that supporting materials (plans and calculations) be prepared by professionals including, but not limited to, a registered engineer, registered architect, registered landscape architect, registered land surveyor, registered sanitarian biologist, environmental scientist, geologist, or hydrologist when the complexity of the proposed work warrants specialized expertise.

To complete this form, the applicant should refer to the wetlands regulations (310 CMR 10.00), which may also be purchased online, in person, or by mail at the Massachusetts State Bookstore