Community Septic Management Programs

A guide to financial assistance and incentives for communities and system owners. These programs can help provide low cost loans for septic management plans.

Clean Water State Revolving Fund

The Clean Water State Revolving Fund provides loans to help municipalities comply with federal and state water quality requirements.

Groundwater Discharge Permitting

Groundwater is water below the ground surface in the cracks and spaces in soil, sand, and rock. Find information here about the importance of groundwater, the discharge permitting process, online reporting, and more.

Residuals & Biosolids

The beneficial reuse of biosolids in Massachusetts through land application, typically as fertilizer or soil conditioner depending on the type of biosolid generated. 

Septic Systems/Title 5

Guidance, policies, regulations, frequently asked questions, fact sheets and other reference materials relative to conventional septic systems and innovative or alternative wastewater treatment systems.

Sewer Systems

Managing combined sewer overflows and regulating sewer systems in Massachusetts.

Surface Water Discharge Permitting (NPDES)

The NPDES program controls water pollution by regulating point sources (e.g., manufacturing, construction sites) that discharge pollutants to surface waters.

Industrial Wastewater

MassDEP regulates the discharge, treatment, and storage of industrial wastewater to protect water resources in the Commonwealth. 


Stormwater permitting in Massachusetts and resources for environmentally-sound stormwater management.

Wastewater - Reclaimed Water

Environmentally-safe reuse of treated wastewater for landscaping, irrigation, and toilet-flushing.

Wastewater Treatment Plants

Listings of treatment plants, tools and resources for operators, and information about operator training.

Wastewater Forms

Groundwater discharge, reclaimed water, stormwater, NPDES, industrial wastewater, residuals, sewer permits, and wastewater-operator certification forms.

Water Resources Policies & Guidance Documents

Documents interpreting MassDEP regulations and how to comply with them.

Water Resources Regulations & Standards

Regulations and standards governing the protection of water resources in Massachusetts.