• All Deer Must Be Reported at a Check Station During Shotgun Season
    All deer harvested Nov. 30 – Dec. 12 MUST be checked at a traditional check station. Online harvest reporting is NOT available during this time. Reporting deer at check stations during these two weeks allows biologists to collect valuable biological information needed for deer management. Click here to find a checkstation.
  • NEW: Shotgun Bear Season
    Hunters afield during the shotgun deer season can now take a bear in any zone. Don't forget your required $5 bear permit! Hunters must wear 500 square inches of blaze orange. Only hunting implements that may be used for hunting deer may be used for bear; no rifles or handguns. Bears harvested during the shotgun season may be reported online. Click here to read more.
  • Antlerless Deer Permits: Log into the MassFishHunt system to try to win a permit. This is NOT a first-come first-served system; hunters can try to win a permit any time between August 1 and December 31. Surplus Antlerless Deer Permits are still available for Zones 13 & 14. Click here for Antlerless Deer Permit details.
  • 2015-16 Migratory Bird Regulations are now available. pdf format of 2015-16 Waterfowl ABS
  • 2015 Season Summaries - A convenient summary of the hunting, fishing and trapping season dates for the year.

Are you looking for a place to drop your line, set your tip-up, or cast a fly in freshwater? Do you need information about freshwater fishing licenses, regulations, or publications?

Bass Tournament Directors; Biologists Need Your Tournament Info!

Help MassWildlife collect information on trophy bass by submitting a bass creel survey form . The information generated from bass tournaments helps add to biologists understanding of bass populations in waters across the Commonwealth. Data such as how long it takes to catch a bass, average weight, and the number of trophy bass landed allows MassWildlife fisheries biologists to track trends in individual waters across the state. A copy of the data you submit will be sent to your e-mail address as your confirmation.

If you prefer to report your Creel Survey in paper format, please download the bass creel survey pdf format of bass_creel_survey.pdf
and mail or fax it to the DFW Field Headquarters address on the bottom of the form.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation!

Freshwater Fish Consumption Advisories 

An external link to the Dept. of Public Health. Advisories are posted on consumption of specific types of fish from specific water bodies for certain groups of people.

  • Freshwater Fishing and Hunting License Information --Find out who needs a license to hunt and fish in Massachusetts, and learn about license types and fees.
  • Hunting & Freshwater Fishing Laws – See information on hunting, freshwater fishing and trapping season dates, laws, and other related information.
  • Seasons Summary 2015  pdf format of Seasons Summary 2015
- A convenient summary of the hunting, fishing and trapping season dates for the year.
  • Hunting Permits – Find out how to obtain Antlerless Deer, Black Bear, and Wild Turkey permits via the internet or a license vendor.
  • Hunting Stamps – These electronic “stamps” are required for hunting waterfowl and migratory game birds as well as for hunters participating in archery and black powder deer hunting seasons.
  • Hunter Education – Offerings included Basic Hunter Education, Bowhunter Education, Trapper Education as well as other hunting related courses.
  • HIP Registration for Waterfowl and Woodcock Hunters – All migratory game bird hunters must register with the Harvest Information Program each calendar year.
  • Hunting Harvests – Access an archive of Deer, Bear, and Turkey harvest totals.
  • Where To Hunt – DFW Wildlife Lands not only provide habitat for wildlife, they provide people a place to hunt, fish, trap, or otherwise experience nature.
  •  Hunting & Shooting Opportunities – Find out about hunting on other properties including state forests and parks, Camp Edwards, and Eastern Massachusetts National Wildlife Refuge. Learn about hunting opportunities for youth, women, and hunters with parapalegia.
  • Game Animals – Learn more about big and small game hunting in Massachusetts.
  • Laws & Regulations  – This comprehensive page provides information on laws regarding hunting, fishing, and trapping seasons, endangered species, wildlife lands and other wildlife related laws.
  • Ask MassWildlife: Common hunting questions answered pdf format of Ask MassWildlife - Common Hunting Questions
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Checking or Reporting Your Game

Online Game Check  -- Beginning in 2013, hunters may report “or check” their deer, bear, turkey and most furbearers online.  Bobcat and otter must be checked at a traditional furbearer check stationNOTE: You must complete this process BEFORE processing your game for the table, freezer or taxidermist.

To start the online checking process log in to: MassFishHunt


Detailed Online Game Check

Remember, You must login to MassFishHunt with your Customer ID in order to check your game online.

Detailed information and steps to take when checking different game online:

Game Check Stations

Effectiveness of Blaze Orange (video) - This short (5-minute) safety video from Kalkomey provides tips and about how wearing the right amount and kind of blaze orange can keep you safe in the field. It's useful for any outdoor user who is in the woods and fields during hunting seasons.