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Biodiversity Goals for the Commonwealth

A bold vision for nature in 2050 and the roadmap to get there.

We’re taking action for biodiversity—learn about our work to develop a transformative, whole-of-government approach to conserve species and habitats, build resilience to climate change, and ensure a better future for all of us.

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Biodiversity in Massachusetts

Massachusetts is home to an extraordinary variety of life. Lush forests filled with birdsong. Majestic rivers and deep blue oceans. Brilliant beaches and treasured lakes. Vibrant wetlands and salt marshes, teeming with life. Working farms and coasts. Urban parks, gardens, and greenways.

This is biodiversity—all the living things, habitats, and complex interactions that evolved over millennia and have inherent, intrinsic value. They anchor our history and culture, sustain our health, well-being, and economy, and enrich our quality of life. And, biodiversity is a key climate solution—nature protects us from flooding, drought, and extreme heat.

Biodiversity is in crisis, both globally and right here in Massachusetts. Over 400 species are endangered, and hundreds more are at risk. Habitat loss, pollution of our lands and waters, invasive species, and environmental injustice—all amplified by climate change—threaten not only wildlife, but our collective future.

Developing Biodiversity Conservation Goals

Governor Healey signing an executive order with group of people around her.

In 2023, Governor Healey made history by signing Executive Order No. 618. This executive order directs the Department of Fish and Game to develop nation-leading biodiversity conservation goals, including for coastal and marine environments, for 2030, 2040, and 2050.

To do this, our agency is assessing all existing efforts and recommending transformative actions to ensure all life flourishes for generations to come.

What will this look like? 

  • Recovering endangered species and preventing extinctions
  • Conserving key habitats to sustain species
  • Restoring free-flowing rivers and wildlife migration
  • Preserving salt marshes and wetlands for wildlife, carbon storage, and flood resilience
  • Sustaining our nation-leading seafood industry by protecting important marine habitats and reducing pollution
  • Bolstering food security by promoting biodiversity on farms, supporting pollinators, and encouraging sustainable wild harvest
  • Nature in every neighborhood and every classroom

Get Involved

You are a key part of this effort. As we develop our recommendations of goals and strategies, we are looking for you to bring us your vision for nature in 2050! 

Join us for two virtual public listening sessions to learn more and to share what you think! 

Can't make it? Both sessions will be recorded and posted on this page following the meetings.

We also welcome written feedback! These sessions will kick off a month-long public input period. Written comments will be accepted through Friday, August 30, 2024. 

Please use this form to share your written feedback.

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Date published: April 22, 2024

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