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Boiler & Pressure Vessel Safety Program

The primary function of the Boiler and Pressure Vessel Safety Program is to manage the registration and inspection of all non-residential boilers and pressure vessels within the Commonwealth, including those units in both private and public facilities (such as power plants, hospitals, nursing homes, and schools) as required by M.G.L Chapter 146 . This program also oversees the professional trade licensure for steam firemen and engineers (power plant operators), boiler and pressure vessel inspectors, and oil burner technicians, and administration of applicable examinations. In the event of a boiler or pressure vessel incident or accident, Boiler and Pressure Vessel Safety Program inspectors will investigate to determine the cause, and prosecute violators of the law within their jurisdiction.

Boiler and Pressure Vessel Safety Program Staff:

Edward KawaChief of Engineering Inspections(978) 567-3781
Henry GerykSupervisor of Engineering Inspectors(508) 726-9588
Holly BartlettAssistant to the Chief      (978) 567-3782
Maria PereiraLicensing & Exam Coordinator(978) 567-3783


Board of Boiler Rules:

**UPDATE to 522 CMR**  Following the recent move of the Board of Boiler Rules to the Department of Fire Services, updates to 522 CMR have been made to reflect changes associated with that move.  The proposed draft of the CMR has been approved by Administration and Finance to be presented for public hearing as the next step in the promulgation process.  This public hearing will take place on Thursday, October 12 @ 10AM at the Department of Fire Services in Stow, MA.  The next regular meeting of the Board of Boiler Rules will take place after this hearing at 11:00 AM in the same location.

Draft of 522 CMR pdf format of Draft 522 CMR as of 7-14-2017.pdf


The Board of Boiler Rules is a five-member board appointed by the State Fire Marshal responsible for promulgating regulations on boilers and pressure vessels (522 CMR) for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. The statutory authority for the board is M.G.L. C. 22 § 10.

For further information on board activities, including, but not limited to: procedures for the adoption, amendment or repeal of regulations; availability of regulations; filing of regulations; and advisory rulings, please contact the executive administrator to the Board, Holly Bartlett at (978) 567-3782.


The Board of Boiler Rules meets regularly on the first Thursday of May and November at 10:00 AM at the Department of Fire Services in Stow, MA

Edward KawaChairman/Chief of Inspections - Mechanical
Ray ArchambaultRepresenting Operating Engineers
Charles PerryRepresenting Boiler Manufacturers
Anthony LuciaRepresenting Boiler Users
Leah FrancisRepresenting Insures of Boilers

Licenses Administered by the Boiler and Pressure Vessel Safety Program

Additional License Exam Information

*For questions on licenses for oil burner technicians, boiler operators (firemen and engineers), power plant operators, and pressure vessel inspectors, call (978) 567-3780.*