• DPS Listening Sessions Scheduled for Monday, October 26, 2015

    The Department of Public Safety is currently reviewing its regulations pursuant to Executive Order 562 and it encourages input from affected regulatory communities and other interested persons.

    As a result, DPS will hold a series of back-to-back listening sessions providing an opportunity for comment on the following regulations: 

    520 CMR 14:   Excavation and Trench Safety

    526 CMR:        Recreational Tramway Board

    520 CMR 5:     Amusement Devices

    520 CMR 6:     Hoisting Machinery

    The listening sessions will be held in the order listed above, and the duration of each session will depend on the number of those in attendance wishing to speak.   The sessions will be held at the following time and location:


    Monday, October 26, 2015, beginning at 9:30 a.m.


    One Ashburton Place

    Ashburton Café Conference Room

    Boston, MA 02108

  • Updated Expired Certificates

    On July 15, 2014, a new law was enacted which authorized the Department of Public Safety (“Department”) to waive all or a portion of the $100 per day fine assessed against an elevator owner for operating with an expired certificate of inspection.  This law was made retroactive to apply to all fines assessed or any appeal of a fine submitted on or after January 1, 2013.  As a result, the Department suspended its civil fine appeal program in July 2014. Read more...

  • DPS Seeks Public Input per Executive Order 562

    In order to facilitate the thorough review of its regulations as outlined in Executive Order 562, the Department of Public Safety is seeking comments and feedback from the public on all DPS regulations.  This is an opportunity for public input that goes beyond the traditional public comment and hearing process, and all comments are welcome, whether general in nature or specific to individual code sections.   Please send all comments via email to DPSInfo@state.ma.us , and please put “EO562” in the subject line.  All emails with “EO562” in the subject line will be considered as the Department goes through the regulation review process.  The Department thanks you in advance for your assistance and thoughtful remarks!
  • Changes to the Walk-In License Renewal Service Schedule

    Effective August 3, 2015, the Department will offer walk-in license renewal service from 8:45AM to 4:30PM to the public during regular Department operations. License holders may also renew their licenses online, via the Department’s MyLicense e-Government Webpage. Please visit the MyLicense e-Government Webpage for online access and a current list of licenses available for online renewal.

  • The Department of Public Safety Introduces New Online Inspection and Permitting System (IPS)

    The Department of Public Safety is pleased to announce the introduction of the first phase of its new online Inspection and Permitting System (IPS).  During this initial phase, users are able to apply and pay for Elevator permits and related inspections, Building permits and related inspections (including Certificates of Inspection), and Electrical permits and related inspections using the DPS web based IPS Portal. To access this service please click on the Online Inspection and Permitting Processing hyperlink.  

    All users will be required to register in the system, and will receive email confirmation before proceeding to the application process.  The Department accepts credit cards, (only accepting MasterCard at this time), and electronic checks for on line payments.  There are instructions contained within the system for each step.  You may also download the IPS Training Documentation Customer Portal pdf format of 2015_07_10_ips_customer_portal_documenatation _2_
file size 4MB by clicking the hyperlink.  If you have additional questions, please contact ipsadmin@massmail.state.ma.us for assistance.

  • Draft 9th edition of the Building Code approved by BBRS

    The purpose of this notice is to advise the building industry and other interested parties of the 9th edition code status and specifically to note that, when it is finally approved and becomes effective, there will not be a concurrency period with the 8th edition code requirements.   Currently, it is expected that the 9th edition will become effective sometime before mid-2016.   Read more . . .
  • Updates to the Model Policy CORI Procedure for Amusement Devices, Challenge Courses, and Climbing Walls

    The Department of Public Safety (“Department”) has recently updated its Model CORI Policy.  Copies of the updated Policies are listed below for your convenience.  If you do not use the Model Policy provided by the Department, you may disregard this message and the Department will continue to approve those policies on a case by case basis.  If you do use the Department's Model Policy, however, you MUST use this updated Model effective immediately.  If you have already submitted your license package using the older Policy, please submit the updated Policy.  Failure to include an updated Policy will result in the denial of your license.  If you have any questions, please contact Sharlia Bennett at sharlia.bennett@state.ma.us or 617 727-3200 ext.25204. Read more...

  • DPS Incident Hotline

    Please be advised that the Department of Public Safety (DPS) has instituted a new protocol for the reporting of incidents that require the immediate attention of the DPS. If there is an Emergency involving a DPS regulated activity please contact the Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency at (508) 820-1444 to report DPS related incident.
    This number should be used for all DPS related events, including but not limited to the following: Incident involving:
    1. Building collapse/failure
    2. Elevators/escalators
    3. Boiler or air tank failure/explosion
    4. Amusement or tramway incidents
    5. Horse carriage incidents
    6. Incidents involving hoisting and
    excavating equipment.
    For all Non-Emergency calls please dial 617-727-3200
  • DPS License FAQs

  • DPS License Lookup

    DPS LIcense Lookup
    All licenses issued, renewed or otherwise updated by the Department of Public Safety, are posted to the DPS Website after processing.
  • NOTICE: Fines for the Operation of a Boiler/Pressure Vessel Without a Valid Certificate of Inspection Posted in the Engine or Boiler Room - Effective June 1, 2015

    Please be advised that beginning on JUNE 1, 2015, the Department will begin issuing fines for violation of M.G.L. c. 146 including the operation of a Boiler/Pressure Vessel without a valid Certificate of Inspection posted in the engine or boiler room. In order to avoid a fine, you must remit the certificate fee to the Department of Public Safety within 30 days of receiving a notice of payment in order to receive the Certificate of Inspection.  Failure to pay this amount and to post the Certificate of Inspection will result in a fine of up to $1,000 for a first offense, $3,000 for a second offense and $5,000 for a third or subsequent offense.

  • ADVISORY: National CORI submitted in application for S-licensure and Certificates of Clearance under M.G.L. c.147, §§59 and 60

    The Department of Public Safety has issued a new Advisory with respect to the type of criminal offender record information (CORI) required for S-licenses and Certificates of Clearance issued under M.G.L. c.147, sections 59 and 60.  Effective immediately, the Department will accept national CORI for applications for Certificates of Clearance, albeit on a case-by-case basis, subject to the requirements contained in the Advisory.   The Department will also accept national CORI in application for S-licensure.

    Please click on the Advisory pdf format of s-license-advisory-apr15
for details and further information.

  • Building Safety Month 2015  doc format of Building Safety Month 2015

    Resilient Communities Start with Building Codes

    Join the Department of Public Safety in celebrating Building Safety Month during May 2015.  Read more...

    See the Governor's Proclamation pdf format of Building Safety Month 2015 Proc. Photo_RA

  • Fire Protection Permit and the Comprehensive Fire Safety Code

    The revised Comprehensive Fire Safety Code, 527 CMR 1.00, is in effect as of January 1, 2015 and as a result, many questions have been raised regarding the permitting of the installation of fire protection systems. Read more... pdf format of bbrs-revised-fireprotectionjointmemowithdps-feb 06 2015

  • NEW SUNDAY LICENSE FORM (Effective Immediately)

    The Department of Public Safety has revised the “License for Public Entertainment on Sunday” and “Application for License for Public Entertainment on Sunday” forms in response to complaints about antiquated language.  The new licensing form has also consolidated the application and license into a single form.  A copy of the new form can be found by clicking on License for Public Entertainment on Sunday pdf format of app_sunday_license_feb15

  • Notice of New Regulation – 529 CMR 2: Boxers’ Fund Board Regulations Effective December 19, 2014

    The Boxers’ Fund Board has revised 529 CMR 2 to  incorporate the change in M.G.L. c.147, §40A requiring that financial need be based on an injury sustained during an event.   The Board has also updated several provisions including those limiting eligibility for funds to boxers only, rather than all fighters regulated by the State Athletic Commission.  Please click on 529 CMR 2 pdf format of msac-529-cmr-2-dec14
for a pdf copy of the regulations.

  • Changes to Civil Fine Appeal Process for the Operation of Elevators with an Expired Certificate

    Recently, legislation was enacted which significantly impacts the Civil Fine program with regard to the appeal of fines associated with the operation of elevators beyond their expiration dates.  Specifically, the legislation allows the Department to establish factors which may be taken into consideration upon appeal of a fine issued pursuant to M.G.L. c. 143 section 65.  Further, the legislation provides that these factors may be applied retroactively to January 1, 2013.  Read more
  • The Boston Survivors Accessibility Alliance (BSAA)

    Renovate For Recovery Transforms Homes Of Marathon Victims (WGBH)


    We have all been deeply affected by the Marathon bombings on April 15th which left so many innocent people seriously injured.  Like many of you, the Department is looking for ways to help the survivors of the bombings.  Towards this end, the Department has established the Boston Survivors Accessibility Alliance (BSAA) to assist those who may need assistance with renovations to help transition to a new lifestyle. Read more...


    Marathon victims get help making homes accessible - Volunteers donate time, skills, materials
    By Eric Moskowitz (The Boston Globe)

  • New 90-Day Elevator Re-Inspection Fee

    Please be advised that the Department of Public Safety’s new elevator 90-day re-inspection fee was recently filed with the Secretary of State and will go into effect on January 31, 2014.  However, in order to give the industry adequate time to complete its pre-inspections, the Department will not begin enforcement and collection of this fee until March 1, 2014. Read more...

  • Elevator Variance - Amended Procedures

    In keeping with the Department's efforts to communicate changes and updates to its procedures, and to expedite the process in a more efficient and timely fashion, it is reconfirming and amending its variance procedures.  There are currently two types of variance decisions that could be required with a new installation permit application, read more... pdf format of Elevator Variance Amended Procedures 11.2013

  • Licensing of Military Personnel

    On May 31, 2012, a bill was enacted that will provide certain exceptions to the Department’s licensing requirements for individuals in the military and armed forces.  The bill has three main components relative to the Department.  These exceptions apply to all licenses and certificates issued by the Department and its boards and commissions. Read more...

  • Archived Feature Stories