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    • 150th Anniversary

      MSP 150th Anniversary

      May 16, 2015 marks the 150th anniversary of the Massachusetts State Police. Click the image above to explore some of the history and tradition of the oldest State Police Department in the nation.

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    • Pipes and Drums

      MSP Pipes and Drums

      The MSP Pipes and Drums at the Swearing in of Colonel McKeon.

      This year is the 20th Anniversary of the MSP Pipes and Drums. 1995-2015.

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    • K-9 Training

      MSP K-9 Unit

      The K-9 Unit performs numerous functions throughout the Commonwealth.Click to see more about the unit.

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    • K-9 Nero remembered

      K-9 Tribute

      Click here to access the State Police K-9 Tribute Page.

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    • Massachusetts State Police Mounted Unit

      MSP Mounted Unit

      The MSP Mounted Unit at the Annual 4th of July Celebration at the Esplanade in Boston. The Mounted Unit is based out of Acton. Click to read more.

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    • Marine Unit Patrol

      MSP Marine Unit

      The Marine Unit has primary patrol responsibility for the Charles and Mystic rivers, Harbor Islands, Logan Airport and Massport properties in the Boston Inner Harbor

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    • MSP Museum

      MSP Museum and Learning Center

      Come celebrate the 150th anniversary of the MSP with the Massachusetts State Police Museum and Learning Center at 44 Worcester St. in Grafton.

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  • Upcoming State Police Listening Session at GHQ


    As part of Governor Charlie Baker’s regulatory reform review, the Department of State Police will be hosting a Listening Session on the Department’s existing regulations.  The event is scheduled for December 1, 2015 at 1:00 p.m., and will be held in Room 119 at the Department’s General Headquarters, 470 Worcester Road, Framingham, MA 01702.  Members of the public are invited.  A current, valid, license, passport or similar picture ID is needed to enter the General Headquarters.

    Although the Department is not, at this time, proposing any changes to its regulations, counsel from the Department of State Police’s Legal Section will be at the Listening Session to hear and record feedback and comments on all of the Department’s existing regulations.  Written comments or suggestions may also be mailed to the attention of the Office of the Chief Legal Counsel at the General Headquarters.

    The existing Department regulations are:

    515 CMR 1.00            Collection, Submission, Receipt, Identification, Storage, and Disposal of DNA Samples

    515 CMR 2.00            Testing and Analysis, Quality Assurance, Computerized Storage, Retrieval, and Dissemination for the State DNA Database

    515 CMR 3.00            Firearms Course and Instructor Certifications and Firearms Surrender Programs

    515 CMR 4.00            Indemnification of Certain Legal Fees

    515 CMR 5.00            Standard of Skill for Special State Police Officers

    515 CMR 6.00            Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act Training and Qualification Standards and Instructor Qualification

  • French & Electric Blue, November 2015

    November 2015

    The November edition of French and Electric Blue features the State Police involvement in the Medal of Honor Convention at the Seaport. Colonel McKeon’s address at the State House Awards is shared. The MSP Rowing Team is chronicled again as they complete the Head of the Charles Regatta.  As the 82nd Recruit Training Troops begins their training at the SPA, the Academy Perspective this month is filled with day one snapshots. This edition also features photos from the Fall State House Awards and articles about two classes hosted by the MSP.

  • Celebrating 150 Years of State Policing 1865 - 2015

    150th black and white photo

    On Saturday May 16, 2015, the Massachusetts State Police proudly celebrates its 150th anniversary as the oldest state police agency in the United States.

    In the 1800's the common title for police officers was constable. The Massachusetts State Police traces its origins directly through legislature to the Massachusetts State Constabulary, the first statewide police agency in the nation. The creation of the State Constabulary was signed into law on May 16, 1865 by Massachusetts Governor John A. Andrews. The establishment of a State Police Force in 1865 was unprecedented in this country, but the Massachusetts legislation creating the statewide force would eventually be adopted in various forms throughout our great nation. In fact, 49 States currently have a state policing agency, with Hawaii being the only exception as the Sherriff's Division of the Hawaii Department of Public Safety provides the statewide police services.

    There are different forms of State Police Agencies across the country today. Eighteen states use a Highway Patrol, with a primary function of, in accordance with their name, patrolling the highways. Seven states use a State Patrol, with a primary role of traffic enforcement, but in most states, duties are broadened to assisting with prison riots and other large scale support within the state.  Twenty-two states use the term State Police, which most often encompasses a full service police agency with a broad range of specializations. Some of the State Police Agencies do more, or in some cases less, than what is provided here as a general overview.

    The Massachusetts State Police 150th Anniversary

    To read more about the history of the Massachusetts State Police, click the link in the slideshow above, or the link above.