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Cadet Program

The Massachusetts State Police Cadet Program is a comprehensive on-the-job training program designed to introduce the next generation to the skills, knowledge, and experience needed for a career in law enforcement.

The Massachusetts State Police Cadet Program is an educational and hands-on training program which offers a paid, benefitted, and full-time civilian position as a Cadet. The program itself is a 1-year minimum commitment, with opportunity of being extended to a 2-year position, that is open to Massachusetts residents aged 19-25 years old who are interested in a career in law enforcement. Those who complete the program successfully and receive a passing grade on the Civil Service's State Trooper Exam may be directly appointed to a Recruit Training Troop at the State Police Academy.

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At this time, we're not accepting further applications for the current class. Please sign up to be alerted of future opportunities!

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