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Paid Details

Here you can learn about paid detail services and how to request them from the Massachusetts State Police.

Paid details offer a temporary police and security detail for public events and worksites, such as those that take place on roadways, to ensure public and personnel safety.

Request a paid detail

The Massachusetts State Police is in the process of implementing the ability to request paid detail services via an online portal. This service is being implemented on a Troop by Troop basis, as more Troops come online.

Please refer to the Troop Boundaries to determine which communities each respective Troop services. To request paid detail services, please contact the corresponding Troop Detail Office below:

Troop Phone Number Email
A (978) 538-6030 TroopAPDO@pol.state.ma.us
B (877) 257- 0808 mspoperations@offdutymanagement.com
C (877) 257-0808 mspoperations@offdutymanagement.com
D (508) 923-4061 TroopDPDO@pol.state.ma.us
H (617) 946-3069 TroopHPDO@pol.state.ma.us

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