In Accordance with Massachusetts General Law Chapter . 140, § 131P and 515 CMR 3.00:


L.T.C. Basic Firearms Safety Courses

Certification #

Massachusetts Chiefs of Police Association Basic Handgun Safety CourseLTC-001
NRA Basic Pistol CourseLTC-002
NRA Personal Protection CourseLTC-003
SIG Arms Academy Handgun Orientation CourseLTC-004
Smith & Wesson Academy Massachusetts Carry Permit CourseLTC-005
MCJTC Recruit Firearms Training CourseLTC-006
*NRA Home Safety CourseLTC-007
Worcester Police Department Firearms Responsibility and Safety ProgramLTC-008
Mass Sheriffs’ Association’s Firearms Safety & Handling CourseLTC-009
B.F.S.I. Handgun Safety CourseLTC-010
Massachusetts State Police Recruit Firearms Training ProgramLTC-011
SIG Arms Concealed Carry Pistol CourseLTC-012
USPSA Safe Handgun Competitor - MA Edition Firearms CourseLTC-013
CQB Arms LTC CourseLTC-014
The Andover Police Department's Basic Firearms Safety CourseLTC-015
The MagPro Basic Firearms Safety CourseLTC-016
Massachusetts Certified Basic Pistol CourseLTC-017
CCW Point Blank CourseLTC-018
The Liberal Gun ClubLTC-019
Massachusetts Pistol License CourseLTC-020
SG Tactical LLC Firearm Safety CourseLTC-021
MPTC Reserve Officer Firearms TrainingLTC-022
MAGPRO Home, Personal & Business Firearms Safety CourseLTC-023
Safe Carry Basic Firearms CourseLTC-024
Basic Firearm Protection CourseLTC-025
S2Alpha Basic Pistol Safety and Shooting CourseLTC-026

* The NRA Home Safety Course which was previously certified for F. I. D. Cards only (course FID-002) has been reclassified for LTC

F.I.D. Card Basic Firearms Safety Courses

Certification #

NRA Basic Rifle Or Shotgun CoursesFID-001
SIG Arms Academy Firearms Orientation and Familiarization Courses for Shotgun, Carbine or RifleFID-003
Smith & Wesson Academy Massachusetts F.I.D. Safety CourseFID-004

*Note: In addition to the courses listed under F.I.D. Cards, courses listed under L.T.C. Basic Firearms Safety Courses are approved safety courses for the purpose of issuing F.I.D. Basic Firearms Safety Certificates.

This list may be supplemented periodically
Pursuant M.G.L. c. 140, § 131P and 515 CMR 3.05(4), additional courses may be approved on an individual basis at the discretion of the Colonel of the Department of State Police.

(Updated 05-23-2014)