In Massachusetts, More Mental-Illness Training for Police

In recent decades, the nation's prisons have become packed with inmates who suffer from a diagnosed mental illness. As policymakers try to reverse that trend, they're looking at an array of different options, and here in Massachusetts, that's led to increased training on how police officers should interact with mentally ill individuals.

Below 100

The Municipal Police Training Committee is committed to the Below 100 effort: reducing police office line-of-duty deaths to below 100 for the first time since 1944 by getting police officers to make a personal commitment to their own officer safety and survival.  The goal can be realized if every officer will wear their belt, wear their vest, watch their speed, remember what’s important now (WIN), and avoid complacency.  Visit the "Below 100" link above for more information about the Below 100 effort.

Police Academy Start Dates

Visit this link for a schedule of MPTC and MPTC authorized police academies offering entry-level police training to become a police officer in Massachusetts.

Request an Exemption or Temporary Waiver

A police department’s Appointing Authority may apply for a Exemption from recruit training for a person being hired in Massachusetts who has been employed as a police officer in another state or, as a result of documented public safety emergency or other exigent circumstances, a 270-day Temporary Waiver may be granted to a part-time police officer being hired full-time until the start date of the next available academy session.

Request Transcript or Training Manual

Request a transcript to validate a police officer's training or training curricula.

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