Welcome to the Department of Labor Relations

Welcome to the Department of Labor Relations

Fall 2013 Update

During the past fiscal year, the DLR has implemented several changes in order to increase our efficiency and process your cases more quickly.  We invite you to see how we are doing by clicking here for a summary of our FY 2013 DLR Data pdf format of FY 2013 DLR Data .

What’s new?

On June 10, 2013, the DLR implemented its new arbitration procedures.  For information about the new procedures, click on the link below.   The new procedures allow the DLR to move your arbitration cases more efficiently, sometimes within sixty days from the filing of the Arbitration Petition to the Award.  We are continuing to refine our arbitration service and will provide you with notice of changes as they develop.

On July 19, 2013, the DLR’s revised regulations became effective and are available to you by clicking on the regulation link.  These changes clarify the DLR’s postponement procedures; provide for electronic filing; update hearing and appeals regulations to reflect current practices; and clarify the regulations with technical changes.    

What’s next?

The DLR believes the parties will benefit from the speed and efficiency a paperless case processing system will provide.  After months of public announcements and written communications explaining that the DLR would soon start communicating with you strictly by e-mail, starting September 9, all of the DLR’s communications to you will be exclusively by e-mail (unless you do not have the ability to receive e-mail) and we encourage you to communicate with us the same way!   Furthermore, as mentioned above, we have recently changed our regulations so you can formally file cases with us electronically.  See 456 CMR 12.11 for filing information.   

Electronically initiating a new DLR case

We offer two ways to electronically initiate a case at the DLR.  You will find the appropriate link to follow for both methods on the DLR website in the forms section.

  1. If you wish to print out a DLR case form and e-mail it to the DLR in PDF format, you must send the form to our dedicated e-mail address at efile.dlr@MassMail.State.MA.US.
  2. If you wish to file a new case using our web based application, click on the appropriate case type link and complete the form.  The advantage of the web based application is it allows you to print and electronically file the case upon completion of the form, serve the opposing party electronically and to immediately receive an email with an e-file confirmation number sent directly to you.  Attachments for each filing may be submitted by replying to the confirmation email.

What We Do

  • Investigate and adjudicate unfair labor practice charges
  • Process representation petitions and bargaining unit clarification cases
  • Prevent and investigate strikes by public employees
  • Mediate between employers and unions in the resolution of labor disputes, including:
    - impasses reached during collective bargaining negotiations
    - grievances under collective bargaining agreements
  • Arbitrate grievances