Handbook  Massachusetts Public Employee Collective Bargaining Law Guide

A guide to the Massachusetts public employee collective bargaining law

Organization: Department of Labor Relations
Date published: June 14, 2018


A Guide to the Massachusetts Collective Bargaining Law (Guide) is a publication of the Massachusetts Department of Labor Relations (DLR). Unlike past editions of this guide, this edition will not be published in hard copy format and will be updated as DLR procedures, decisions and case law changes. This edition is a searchable all-electronic version available in an online and printer-friendly (PDF) format with interactive links to cited laws, regulations and cases.

This Guide cites DLR Hearing Officer and CERB decisions that are codified and published monthly in Massachusetts Labor Cases by © Landlaw, Inc., 675 VFW Parkway, #354, Chestnut Hill, MA 02467 and are reproduced with its permission. Please contact Landlaw, Inc. directly regarding any other use of material produced by it or to subscribe to Massachusetts Labor Cases or the Massachusetts Labor Relations Reporter: http://www.landlaw.com/massachusetts-employment-law-reporters.asp

Uncodified copies of DLR Hearing Officer and CERB decisions are published monthly on the DLR’s website: http://www.mass.gov/lwd/labor-relations/recent-decisions/

Although we have made every effort to verify the accuracy of the information in the Guide, please do not rely on this information without first checking an official edition of the Massachusetts General Laws or other listed Acts, and the Code of Massachusetts Regulations. If you need legal advice or counsel, please consult an attorney.

Please visit the DLR’s website at www.mass.gov/dlr to check for updates to this guide.

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