The following are commonly requested company lists generated by the Division of Insurance. Each list is generated monthly and is available in both an Adobe PDF format and MS Excel format.

If these lists do not meet your requirements, you may request a "made to order" list from the Division. To do so, email or send a written request to the attention of:
Ms. Ursula McCarthy
Division of Insurance
1000 Washington St, Suite 810
Boston, MA 02118-6200.

A nonrefundable fee will be charged for "made to order" lists based upon quantity of information requested and the time required to complete the request.

Available Online Listings
LicenseeADOBE FormatEXCEL Format
Massachusetts Licensed or Approved Companies ADOBE pdf format of LicensedOrApprovedCompanies.pdf
EXCEL xls format of LicensedOrApprovedCompanies.xls
Massachusetts Licensed Domestic Life Companies ADOBE pdf format of Life_Dom_Companies.pdf
EXCEL xls format of Life_Dom_Companies.xls
Massachusetts Licensed Domestic P and C Companies ADOBE pdf format of PandC_Dom_Companies.pdf
EXCEL xls format of PandC_Dom_Companies.xls
Massachusetts Licensed Fidelity and Surety, 4 Companies ADOBE pdf format of FidelityAndSurety.pdf
EXCEL xls format of FidelityAndSurety.xls
Massachusetts Licensed Workers' Compensation, 6E Companies ADOBE pdf format of WorkersComp.pdf
EXCEL xls format of WorkersComp.xls
Massachusetts Licensed Auto Liability, 6G Companies ADOBE pdf format of AutoLiability.pdf
EXCEL xls format of AutoLiability.xls
Massachusetts Eligible Surplus Lines Companies ADOBE pdf format of SurplusLines.pdf
EXCEL xls format of SurplusLines.xls
Massachusetts Licensed Health Insurers ADOBE pdf format of Health_Insurers.pdf
EXCEL xls format of Health_Insurers.xls
Eligible Alien Unauthorized Insurers ADOBE pdf format of EAUI.pdf
EXCEL xls format of EAUI.xls