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  • Extension of Statewide Contract ITC44 with Apple, Inc.

    The ITC44 statewide contract pdf format of ITC44
with Apple, Inc. has been extended through March 31, 2015. Access the complete OSD announcement here. Find the Master Agreement and the Participating Addendum with its amendment on the Attachments tab of the ITC44 contract record on COMMBUYS at www.commbuys.com.

  • Expiration of FAC70 (Tradespersons) and FAC63 (Carpeting) Statewide Contracts

    The FAC70 (Tradespersons) and FAC63 (Carpeting) Statewide Contracts and Master Agreements in MMARS ended on December 15th. No new statement of work agreements or amendments may be signed that reference either of these Master Agreements. For departments who have entered into Statement of Work agreements under either FAC70 or FAC63 that extend beyond the final end date of December 15, 2014, work referencing an active SOW must be completed no later than June 30, 2015. These service contracts fall under the construction statutes, either M.G.L. Chapter 149 for vertical facility construction, maintenance or repair or under M.G.L. Chapter 30, Section 39M for horizontal construction, maintenance or repair. Review the memo docx format of OSD_OSC Joint announcement for FAC63 and FAC70
, issued jointly by OSD and the State Comptroller's Office, for more details and guidance: Expiration of Tradespersons (FAC70) and Carpeting (FAC63) Statewide Contracts.

  • COMMBUYS Phase II: Expansion of Market Center Functionality

    Working closely with the Office of the State Comptroller, the Operational Services Division (OSD) is actively planning Phase II of the COMMBUYS rollout that includes interfaces with MMARS, the Massachusetts Management Accounting and Reporting System.  This connection, planned for late spring 2015, will enable a secure and seamless process from ordering through payment in the COMMBUYS Market Center. 

    Additional planned enhancements include ad hoc and preformatted reporting capabilities that will provide important departmental purchasing detail and offer valuable spend data analytics to the Commonwealth.

    Stay tuned for additional details over the coming weeks.


    Latest Statistics as of 1/22/15 Totaled:

    Buyers Accessing System31,736
    Vendors Accessing System51,044
    Orders Issued:     8,515
    Vendors Registered: 9,143
    Bids (Solicitations) posted:   2,536
    Catalog line items available for ordering:           431,071
    Dollar Amount of Orders$43,422,721
    View the latest Bid and Contract (MBPPO) opportunities, go to: www.commbuys.com
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