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Local Government Purchasing

The Local Government Enablement (LGE) Team works with municipal organizations to ensure buyers have familiarity and ease of access to the selection, pricing, and added benefits negotiated by the Commonwealth through Statewide Contracts (SWCs).

LGE Resource Library

The LGE Resource Library is the hub of all LGE resources including procurement guidance, contract guidance, flyers, brochures, and more!

Statewide Contract Benefits and 30B Compliance

The Commonwealth has more than 100 Statewide Contracts offering favorable prices and additional perks like prompt pay discounts, bulk purchase pricing, and extended warranties. Using the Operational Services Division’s (OSD) Statewide Contracts may save you time and money while giving your community the best value.

The Office of the Inspector General clarifies that purchases made from Statewide Contracts through the OSD are exempt from the requirements of M.G.L. c. 30B (1)(c), provided that purchasers follow the guidelines stated in the Contract User Guides developed for each Statewide Contract. For 30B-related questions, contact the Office of the Inspector General.

The Statewide Contract Index has answers to common questions about Statewide Contracts.

Bring COMMBUYS to Your City or Town

COMMBUYS is Massachusetts' online procurement platform, connecting government buyers with businesses. You may use COMMBUYS to buy from Statewide Contracts, discover grant opportunities, and benefit from the platform's free bid management tools, which come with personalized training.

Bring COMMBUYS to you, with the Local Government Enablement Team.

Take Advantage of COMMBUYS Bid Management Resources

Discover how simple it is to use COMMBUYS' free bid management tools that comply with 30B requirements. Explore the following resources:

Contact the Local Government Enablement Team for more information.

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