Accessing Public Court Records through the Internet

Accessing Additional Court Records at State Courthouses

If you need access to additional case types, visit any state courthouse or County Registry of Deeds site and use the public computers or kiosks.

Appellate Case Information

Docket entries in cases heard by the Supreme Judicial Court and the Appeals Court may be searched by clicking here . No passwords are necessary. Searches may be conducted by docket number, involved party, attorney appearance, lower court, or lower court judge. The information is posted daily in an effort to provide attorneys, litigants, the media and the general public with easy access to up-to-date appellate case docket information. Actual case documents that are deemed "public information" are available for public inspection at the courts' respective clerks' offices.

Reported Decisions of the Supreme Judicial Court and Appeals Court

Reported appellate decisions are available to the public on the day of release through publishers who are not directly associated with the Judicial Branch.  To search for or sign up to receive e-mail notification of recently released appellate opinions visit the Reporter of Decisions website.