Other Information of Interest to Hunters, Anglers, and Trappers

  • Who Needs a License to Fish, Hunt, and Trap in Massachusetts? View answers to FAQs on who needs a license and how to purchase one.
  • Certain Lead Jigs and Sinkers Prohibited in Fresh Water - The use of any lead fishing sinkers and lead jigs weighing less than 1 ounce is now prohibited in all inland waters of the Commonwealth.
  • Plain Language Summaries - A series of clearly written summaries of the hunting and trapping laws, outlining season dates, bag limits, legal implements, hunting hours, restrictions and other important information.
  • Wildlife Management Areas (WMA) – These state wildlife lands are owned and managed by MassWildlife and are open to public recreation including fishing, hunting, and trapping. Hunters should note that WMAs may have  differences in hunting hours, blaze orange, and allowable hunting implements. For other outdoor users, note restrictions related to certain activities on these properties.
  • Landowner Liability - Any landowner permitting use of his or her property for recreation without charging a fee is not liable for injuries to recreational users or their property except in cases of willful, wanton or reckless conduct by the owner. (M.G.L. Ch. 21,S 17C.) This is an external link to the actual statute language.
  • Saltwater Anglers must purchase a MA Saltwater fishing permit from the Division of Marine Fisheries. More information can be found at the Division of Marine Fisheries website .