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MassWildlife Lands Viewer

The MassWildlife Lands Viewer helps you find and learn about Wildlife Management Areas, Wildlife Conservation Easements, and other open space in Massachusetts.


The Details

What you need

The MassWildlife Lands Viewer is easy to use.

  1. Launch the viewer.
  2. Use the 2 drop-down menus in the upper left to search by town or property name.
  3. Pan and/or zoom to a property.
  4. Click the print button to save a PDF to your computer that you can print, or click the share button to share a link of the map.

Click the help button in the upper right to learn more about the map and its features.

How to view

Go to to launch the MassWildlife Lands Viewer.

More info

Wildlife Lands are public areas that are protected to:

  • provide habitat for wildlife 
  • give people a place to explore wild Massachusetts

These lands are free and open to the public for walking, hiking, hunting, fishing, trapping, and wildlife viewing. Any trails through the properties are unmarked and parking lots are usually not paved. They're jointly owned by MassWildlife and the Department of Fish and Game.

These maps are meant for recreational use and show approximate, not legal, property boundaries.



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