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Massachusetts check station map

During the COVID-19 State of Emergency, physical check stations are not available during the spring turkey hunting season. Online harvest reporting is an option for all hunters. A temporary phone option is also available. Read more below.
  • Physical check stations are not open this year. Hunters are strongly encouraged to use MassFishHunt to report harvested birds online using a computer or smartphone. Due to COVID-19 public health measures, no check stations will operate during the spring 2020 turkey season, including all MassWildlife locations.
  • Temporary phone harvest reporting option. Hunters without computer or smartphone access can call MassWildlife to report a harvest over the phone.
    To report your harvested turkey over the phone, call your nearest MassWildlife District Office or the MassWildlife Field Headquarters (FHQ). Staff will be available to help hunters report their harvest over the phone. When reporting a harvest over the phone, hunters should be prepared to provide the following information: date of harvest, town and Wildlife Management Zone of harvest, the sex and age of the turkey (bearded birds only in spring), and the method of take (shotgun/archery/crossbow). Staff can assist if you are unsure of the sex or age of the turkey.

    MassWildlife Office phone numbers:
    • Western District, Dalton: (413) 684-1646
    • Connecticut Valley District, Belchertown: (413) 323-7632
    • Central District, Boylston: (508) 835-3607
    • Northeast District, Ayer: (978) 772-2145
    • Southeast District, Buzzards Bay: (508) 759-3406
    • Field Headquarters, Westborough: (508) 389-6300

NOTE: If you get a busy signal when calling a district office, try again in a few minutes or please call the Field Headquarters at (508) 389-6300 to leave a message. If you need to leave a message, please include your full name, customer ID number from your hunting license, and a phone number where you can be reached.

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Hunters who harvest a deer, bear, or turkey must report it within 48 hours. Hunters or trappers who harvest beaver, bobcat, coyote, fisher, fox, mink, or otter must report it within 4 working days of the end of the season.

You can report your harvest online using MassFishHunt. However, during the first week of shotgun deer hunting season, all deer must be reported in person at a check station so that MassWildlife biologists may collect biological data. Bobcat and otter must be reported in person at a check station and cannot be reported online.