**Please note that the first Provider Trend Notification will be sent out on March 1, 2017**


The MA PMP collects dispensing information on Massachusetts Schedule II through V controlled substances dispensed pursuant to a prescription. Schedules II through V consist of those prescription drug products with recognized potential for abuse or dependence (e.g., narcotics, stimulants, sedatives). Consequently they are among those most sought for illicit and non-medical use. The Drug Control Program (DCP) analyzes the PMP data to determine prescribing and dispensing trends; provide patient prescription history information to prescribers and dispensers; provide educational information to health care providers and the public; and to provide case information to regulatory and law enforcement agencies concerning drug distribution and diversion.

The Department of Public Health’s DCP established the MA PMP in 1992 pursuant to joint regulations (105 CMR 700.012) with the Board of Registration in Pharmacy (247 CMR 5.04). The prescription information is reported electronically to the PMP at least every 24 hours, or next business day, from all Massachusetts community, hospital outpatient and clinic pharmacies as well as from out-of-state mail order pharmacies that deliver to patients in Massachusetts.