Interstate prescription data sharing

Massachusetts providers can search out of state prescriptions through the new Massachusetts Prescription Awareness Tool (MassPAT).

About interstate data sharing

  • Not all states share PMP data. Either because of legal, financial or technical restrictions, not all states share Prescription Monitoring Program (PMP) data outside of their state boundaries.
  • States differ widely on what type of Health Care Professionals can access their PMP data. While Physicians (MD, DO) are almost always allowed access, access for other types of Practitioners and Delegates varies from state to state. Law Enforcement and Regulatory Boards do not currently have interstate data sharing access.
  • Selecting additional states to search may increase the time to process your request. We recommend selecting only necessary additional states.
  • Partial name search is disabled for out of state searches. In order to capture the information accurately from other states, full names must be entered.
  • You can select which states you want to search by default by visiting the Default PMPi States tab in your User Profile. Again, in order to process requests quickly, it is recommended to only select necessary default PMPi states.

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