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The Department of Public Health (Department) is required by statute to annually provide information to individual prescribers on how they are prescribing Schedule II and III opioids in comparison to other prescribers within their specialty.

As a result of your feedback of the first Prescriber Report (March 1, 2017) we have redesigned the report and we will now be providing the report to you on a quarterly basis. It will contain selected measures covering the previous six months of your prescribing history.

The Report will be posted to your MassPAT dashboard as a downloadable PDF (see example below). In addition, you will be notified by email that your report has been posted. Please check to see if the email address you have listed in your MassPAT profile is correct.

This is a confidential Notification. It is not available for public distribution by the Department and is only being shared with the individual provider. The opioid crisis is very complex and it is the Department’s goal to gather and share data with prescribers to help them safely care for their patients and bring collective awareness to what opioids are being prescribed.

By receiving this mandated report you are not obligated to take any action. The Notification is intended to ensure that you have the information needed to provide optimal patient care.

In addition to the Metrics Explanation document that accompanies the report, below are some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) to help you make the most of the information that is available.

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