Electronic Health Records (EHR) Integration

Information about EHR Integration

What is EHR Integration?

Integrating MassPAT data within an Electronic Health Record (EHR) will provide a streamlined clinical workflow for providers. The integration will eliminate the need for providers to pull-up the MassPAT browser, successfully log-in, and enter their patient’s information. Instead, the EHR will be able to automatically initiate a patient query which will return the patient’s prescription records directly within the patient’s EHR. The integration should seamlessly fit into the clinical workflow and allow for real-time, or near real-time, presentation of MassPAT data within the EHR.

“EHR Integration” will cover not only hospital systems, but also pharmacy management systems, practice management systems, and Electronic Medical Records (EMRs).

While the integration will play a vital role in streamlining a provider’s ability to view their patient’s controlled substance data, the MassPAT web portal will continue to be a valuable tool. Providers will continue to use this to manage their delegates as well as view “My RX”, Patient Alerts, and Prescriber Reports. Delegates do not currently have access via an integrated EHR and as such will need to continue using the MassPAT web portal to conduct patient searches.

Integration Options and Process

The options for integration and an overview of the process are available in the MassPAT EHR Integration Welcome Packet | (DOCX). An overview of the integration process can be found below:

  1. Review the MassPAT EHR Integration Welcome Packet.
  2. Complete the Integration Request Form online.
  3. Review and sign the Terms and Conditions Agreement.
  4. Appriss Health will contact you and/or your EHR/Pharmacy management system vendor with next steps, including testing information.
    • Please allow up to 7 business days for Appriss Health to contact you.
  5. Once testing has completed follow the steps on the EHR Integration Readiness Document.
  6. MA PMP will then approve your organization’s production credentials for use with our production environment.

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