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    • Stay Informed in Case of an Emergency. Download the Massachusetts Alerts app. Sign for Google Play and Apple Store. Hashtag #ReadyMA

      Download the Massachusetts Alerts Smartphone App

      Receive weather warnings and emergency alerts on MEMA’s free smartphone app, Massachusetts Alerts, for iPhone and Android devices.

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    • Create a Family Emergency Plan. make sure your family is prepared for anything. Hashtag: #ReadyMA

      Create a Family Emergency Plan

      Keep your family safe in case of an emergency - make an Emergency Plan before a disaster happens.

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    • Graphic for "See Something Say Something campaign". Text on graphic says: Report suspicious activity. Call 9-1-1 or your local police department.

      See Something Say Something

      If you see something suspicious, report it to your local police department or call 9-1-1.

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    • Corporate Emergency Access System (CEAS) A non-profit, public-private partnership in emergency credentialing.

      Corporate Emergency Access System (CEAS)

      CEAS is a disaster business continuity program that facilitates travel and access into restricted areas for key private sector personnel and resources through the use of a common credential.

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    • Weather Radar Map

      Live Weather Radar and Forecast Resources

      Monitor weather conditions with MEMA’s live weather radar map.

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A cellphone showing a wireless emergency alert message. Message shows a sample tornado warning alert telling user to take shelter.

Emergency Alerts To Keep You Safe

MEMA encourages all residents to use their cellphones to receive emergency alerts and warnings.  Many residents of the Concord neighborhood that was hit by a tornado on Monday August 22nd were awoken before the tornado hit by emergency alerting systems on their cellphones.  The advance warning allowed those residents to move to safety within their homes before the tornado hit. Learn more about Wireless Emergency Alerts & our Massachusetts Alerts free smartphone app.

Street signs showing Public & Private together

Corporate Emergency Access System (CEAS)

This important access program will allow local and state public safety leaders to facilitate entry of credentialed members of the private sector into areas that are otherwise off limits to the public because of disaster or emergency conditions. To learn more and enroll, visit www.ceas.com/ma.

Key Resources

Weather Radar

Live Weather Radar and Forecast Resources

Monitor weather conditions with MEMA’s live weather radar map.


Evacuation Zones

Map Resources

This gallery of mapping products can assist in statewide, regional, and local planning and response efforts. 


Power Outages

Power Outage Viewer

Get up-to-date information on power outages by community.