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Continuity and Safety Planning Guidance

The Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency (MEMA) supports a culture of Continuity Planning to ensure that communities, state agencies, and other partners can continue to carry out essential functions regardless of the threat or impact.

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COOP Planning Guidance and Documents

A Continuity of Operations Plan (COOP Plan) identifies mission-critical organizational functions which must continue when normal operations are, or may be disrupted, and provides a framework for the continued operation of these mission essential functions under all threats and conditions.  The Plan also helps to identify lines of succession, alternate facilities, critical systems, essential records, and delegations of authority. 

State Agency COOP Program Template

FEMA Continuity Guidance Circular (CGC)


For Business Continuity planning resources, see FEMA’s Business Continuity Plan webpage:

Federal Continuity Guidance

Safety and Emergency Action Planning

This Emergency Action Plan Template was developed by the Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency (MEMA), to be used by Executive Branch Agency partners in the development of their Facility Emergency Action Plan.  It is designed to be used in accordance with requirements set forth in Executive Order 511, and relevant OSHA standards.  The contents within are able to be customized by any agency, and can be expanded or contracted as necessary.

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