Massachusetts State Emergency Response Commission (SERC)

The SERC is a multi-agency working group with a focus on coordinating hazardous materials planning and training efforts

The SERC is broadly charged with implementing the U.S. EPA's Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act (EPCRA) statute and mitigating the effects of a release or spill of hazardous materials. The sections below provide additional information about the SERC's programs.

Learn about the SERC's EPC Certification Application Program

Emergency Planning Committees, which are required under EPCRA, are responsible for protecting their communities from incidents involving hazardous materials. This involves developing emergency response plans and educating the community about chemical facilities and the actions that could be taken if there is a chemical accident.

The SERC's EPC certification process was created to be a management tool and a standard by which all EPCs in the Commonwealth are judged equally, and to ensure all EPCs are moving towards meeting the goals and missions of EPCRA. Pending the availability of funds, certified EPCs are eligible to apply for 'HMEP' Grant funds from MEMA. Local EPCs should download and use the LEPC Certification Application document; Regional EPCs should download and use the REPC Certification Application document.

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Learn about Tier II Reporting to the SERC

Facilities covered by the EPCRA reporting requirements must submit Tier II reports to their: Emergency Planning Committee (EPC), their Local Fire Department, and the SERC annually.

The Massachusetts SERC requires Tier II report filers to submit reports via the Tier II Manager System. Filers must contact their Local Fire Department and EPC regarding their respective reporting requirements.

For contact information for LEPCs and REPCs, see "Local (LEPC) and Regional (REPC) Emergency Planning Committee Contact Information" section below.

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Local (LEPC) and Regional (REPC) Emergency Planning Committee Contact Information

The below "EPC Contact Information" file lists contact information for Local Emergency Planning Committees (LEPCs) and Regional Emergency Planning Committees (REPCs)

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SERC Meeting Agendas and Minutes

Approved agendas and meeting minutes are provided below

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SERC Procedures and By-Laws

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