MEMA Contact Information and Staff Directory

MEMA Headquarters and Communications Center: 508-820-2000

Table of Contents

Executive Office

Name/Email Title Telephone #
Kurt Schwartz Director 508-820-2010
Christine Packard Deputy Director 508-820-2056
Katy Bellemare Executive Assistant 508-820-2014
Marybeth Groff Chief of Staff 508-820-1435
Ann McCarthy General Counsel 508-820-1400
Debra Tata Human Resources Director 508-820-2060
Maggie Fiola Administrative Assistant 508-820-2001


Public Information Office

Media Line: 508-820-2002
Name/Email Title Telephone #
Christopher Besse Public Information Officer 508-820-2039


Planning and Nuclear

Name/Email Title Telephone #
John Giarrusso Planning and Nuclear Section Chief 508-820-2040
Planning Unit    
Richard LaTour Acting Planning Unit Supervisor 508-820-1454
Ben Hiltunen All Hazards Planner 508-820-2043
Desiree Kocis GIS Coordinator 508-820-2011
Mayra Quintana Administrative Assistant 508-820-2041
Sara Zalieckas All Hazards Planner 508-820-2054
Nuclear Preparedness    
Kathy Cederberg Lead Nuclear Planner 508-820-2037
David Rodham, Jr. Lead Nuclear Planner (Region 1) 978-328-1505
Michael Cawley Nuclear Planner (Region 1) 978-328-1551
John Viveiros Lead Nuclear Planner (Region 2) 508-427-0407
Marianne Pierce Nuclear Planner (Region 2) 508-427-0409
Tom Cleary RIM&C Supervisor 978-368-1078
Kenyi Suarez Document Control Coordinator 508-820-2099

Response and Field Services

Name/Email Title Telephone #
Mike Russas Response and Field Services Section Chief 508-820-2018
Operations Unit    
Jaclyn Hamel Operations Unit Supervisor 508-820-2067
Kevin Prior Operations Planner 508-820-2016
Matthew Bosselait Logistics Coordinator 508-820-2032
Communications and Field Support    
Jonathan Ruda Communications and Field Support Manager 508-820-2022
John Holbrook Communications Support and Fleet Coordinator 508-820-2025
Shaun Anderson Communications Coordinator 508-820-2009
Paula Cutten Communications Dispatcher Supervisor 508-820-1473
Region 1 Office   978-328-1500
Mikael Main Region 1 Manager 978-328-1502
Allen Phillips, Sr. Local Coordinator 978-328-1504
Heather Tecce Local Coordinator 978-328-1503
Region 2 Office   508-427-0400
James Mannion Region 2 Manager 508-427-0401
Rachel Fleck Local Coordinator 508-427-0405
Doug Forbes, Jr. Local Coordinator 508-427-0403
Region 3/4 Office   413-750-1400
Bonnie Roy Acting Region 3/4 Manager 413-750-1406
Bruce Augusti Local Coordinator 413-750-1407
Robert Barry Local Coordinator 413-750-1404
Training & Exercise Unit    
Bill Donahue Training and Exercise Unit Supervisor 508-820-2036
Jeff Tedesco Lead Training Coordinator 508-820-1446
David Bryant Training and Exercise Coordinator (Regions 3 & 4) 508-820-1408
Joe Hattabaugh Training and Exercise Coordinator (Region 2) 508-820-1429
James McLoughlin Training and Exercise Coordinator (Region 1) 508-820-1427

Mitigation and Disaster Recovery

Mitigation Unit    
Sarah White Hazard Mitigation Unit Supervisor 508-820-2053
Shelly O'Toole Hazard Mitigation Grants Coordinator 508-820-1443
David Woodbury Hazard Mitigation Grants Coordinator 508-820-2034
Jeff Zukowski Hazard Mitigation Planner 508-820-1422
Recovery Unit    
Erica Heidelberg Recovery Unit Supervisor 508-820-2033
Lorraine Eddy Disaster Recovery Programs Coordinator 508-820-2055
Paula Krumsiek Disaster Recovery Programs Coordinator 508-820-1424
Andrew Poliferno Disaster Recovery Programs Coordinator 508-820-2003
John Degnan Disaster Survivor Assistance Planner 508-820-2057
Mitigation and Recovery Grants Unit    
Katrina Robinson Mitigation and Recovery Grants Unit Supervisor 508-628-4259
Beth Dubrawski Hazard Mitigation Contract Specialist 508-820-1425    
Shirletta Leung Hazard Mitigation Contract Specialist 508-820-1436    


Administration and Finance

Name/Email Title Telephone #
David Mahr Chief Administrative Officer 508-820-2017
Fiscal Unit    
Fay Stewart Fiscal Dept. Coordinator 508-820-2095
Kelly Lumbra Payroll & Budget Coordinator 508-820-2005
Charles MacMurray Accountant 508-820-2035
Tina Urato Procurement Coordinator 508-820-1423
Darlyne Joseph Federal Grants Fiscal Coordinator 508-820-1448
Grants Management    
Jeff Timperi Project Management Office Manager 508-820-2019
Carrie Clifton Grants Management Specialist 508-820-2028    
Andrew Bagdonas Facilities and Technical Services Unit Manager 508-820-1409
Brian Rushlow Facilities Unit Supervisor 508-820-1470
Noel Olivar Maintenance Working Foreman 508-820-2050


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We use your feedback to help us improve this site but we are not able to respond directly. Please do not include personal or contact information. If you need a response, please locate the contact information elsewhere on this page or in the footer.

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