MEMA Contact Information and Staff Directory

Phone numbers and email contact information for MEMA offices and staff.

Table of Contents

Key Phone Numbers

Emergency and Non-Emergency Numbers

  • If you have an emergency or you need the assistance of a first responder (police, fire, EMS) call 9-1-1.
  • For community specific information about shelters, resources, and other local information, residents should contact their local Emergency Management Director or local public safety officials.
  • Residents can also call 2-1-1 for non-emergency storm-related questions and for shelter and warming center locations.

MEMA Phone Numbers

  • For business calls, MEMA’s receptionist at Headquarters can be reached at 508-820-2001, M-F, 8 a.m. – 4 p.m.
  • MEMA's regional offices:
    • Region 1 Office 978-328-1500
    • Region 2 Office 774-613-5400
    • Region 3 & 4 Office 413-750-1400
  • For emergency support or coordination, MEMA’s 24x7 Communications Center can be reached at 508-820-2000.

Executive Office

Dawn Brantley Acting Director 508-820-2010
Pat Carnevale Deputy Director 508-820-2056
Katy Bellemare

Executive Office Support Supervisor

Sara Parmenter HR Director 508-820-2060
Tom Lyons Director of Strategic Partnerships & Initiatives 508-820-2025

Public Information Office

Media Line: 508-820-2002

Planning and Preparedness

Name/Email Title Telephone #
David Bryant Acting Assistant Director for Planning and Preparedness 508-820-1408
Planning Unit    
Sara Zalieckas Planning Unit Supervisor 508-820-2054
Ben Hiltunen All Hazards Planner 508-820-2043
Andrew Trice All Hazards Planner 508-820-2008
Derek May All Hazards Planner 508-820-2037
Kyle Garner All Hazards Planner 508-820-1421
Training & Exercise Units    
David Bryant Training and Exercise Unit Manager 508-820-1408
Jeff Tedesco Training Unit Supervisor & SAA/TPOC 508-820-1446
Meghan Gomes Exercise Unit Supervisor 508-820-1442
Michael Cantrell Training and Exercise Coordinator (Regions 3 & 4) 508-820-2036
Joe Hattabaugh Training and Exercise Coordinator (Region 2) 508-820-1429
James McLoughlin Training and Exercise Coordinator (Region 1) 508-820-1427
Shane Snyder-Hawke SEOC Training & Exercise Coordinator 508-820-1457
Technical Hazards Unit    
John Viveiros Technical Hazards Unit Supervisor 508-820-2044    
Kenyi Suarez Technical Hazards Coordinator 508-820-2099    
David Rodham, Jr. State Nuclear Planner 978-328-1505
Michael Cawley Regional Nuclear Planner 978-328-1551
Tom Cleary RIM&C Supervisor 978-368-1078


Richard LaTour

Assistant Director for Operations 508-820-1454
Operations Unit    
Jaclyn Hamel Operations Unit Manager 508-820-2067
Desiree Kocis GIS Coordinator 508-820-2011
Mike Souza Agency Meteorologist 508-820-0103
Logistics   774-613-5450
Richard LaTour Logistics Program Manager 508-820-1454
Matthew Bosselait Logistics Coordinator 774-613-5462
Jeffrey Dumais Logistics Coordinator 774-613-5463
Brian Rushlow Fleet and Facilities Unit Supervisor 508-820-1470
Chris Depoto Logistics and Fleet Coordinator 508-782-2893
Noel Olivar Maintenance Working Foreman 508-820-2050
Communications and IT    
Andrew Bagdonas Communications and IT Manager 508-820-1409
Paula Cutten Communications Dispatch Supervisor 508-820-1473
Mike Girard Communications Coordinator 508-820-2009
Heather Smith Lead Communications Dispatcher 508-820-2000
Regions 1 & 2    
James Mannion Regions 1 & 2 Manager 508-922-3389
   Region 1 Office   978-328-1500
Matt Kolhonen Local Coordinator 978-328-1503
Lauren Sardella Local Coordinator 978-328-1508
Heather Tecce Local Coordinator 978-328-1501
   Region 2 Office   774-613-5400
Christian Cunnie Local Coordinator 774-613-5412
William Fisher Local Coordinator 774-613-5413
Rachel Fleck Local Coordinator 776-613-5411
Regions 3 & 4   413-750-1400
Bonnie Roy Regions 3 & 4 Manager 413-750-1406
Robert Barry Local Coordinator 413-750-1404
Kevin Filchak Local Coordinator 413-750-1413
Scott Flebotte Local Coordinator 413-750-1400
Chris Marsden Local Coordinator 413-750-1410
Allen Phillips, Sr. Local Coordinator 413-750-1407

Mitigation and Disaster Recovery

Simon van Leeuwen Assistant Director for Recovery and Mitigation 508-820-1445
Mitigation Unit    
Mark Talbot Hazard Mitigation Unit Supervisor 508-820-2053
Mike Enko Civil Engineer 508-820-2032
Marybeth Groff Hazard Mitigation and Climate Adaptation Coordinator 508-820-1435
Shelly O'Toole Hazard Mitigation Grants Coordinator 508-820-1443
David Woodbury Hazard Mitigation Grants Coordinator 508-820-2034
Jeff Zukowski Hazard Mitigation Planner 508-820-1422
Recovery Unit    
Erica Heidelberg Recovery Unit Supervisor 508-820-2033
Lorraine Eddy Disaster Recovery Programs Coordinator 508-820-2055
Michael Materia Disaster Recovery Programs Coordinator 508-820-2003
Mitigation and Recovery Grants Unit    
Katrina Robinson Mitigation and Recovery Grants Unit Supervisor 508-820-1406
Beth Dubrawski Hazard Mitigation Contract Specialist 508-820-1425
Shirletta Leung Hazard Mitigation Contract Specialist 508-820-1436
Marissa Robertson

Grant Support Program Coordinator



Administration and Finance

Name/Email Title Telephone #
David Mahr Chief Administrative Officer 508-820-2017
Fiscal Unit    
Fay Stewart Fiscal Office Coordinator 508-820-2095
Denise Allard-Nault Administrative Accountant 508-820-2035
Kelly Lumbra Payroll & Budget Coordinator 508-820-2005
Tina Urato Procurement Unit Supervisor 508-820-1423
Lisa Hennessy Contract Specialist 508-820-2057
Nila Lyubchik Procurement Coordinator 508-820-1440
Darlyne Joseph Federal Grants Fiscal Coordinator 508-820-1448
Grants Management    
Lorri Gifford Emergency Management Grant Program Supervisor 508-820-2004
Nate Moreau Grants Management Specialist 508-820-0150
Mayra Quintana Grants Management Specialist 508-820-2041
Barbara Stachelek Grants Management Specialist 508-820-1407